Perks of Having On-Site Laundry Facilities

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On-Site Laundry Facilities

Anyone who’s ever lived without the convenience of their own washing machine and dryer understands the toils and torments of having to rely on public laundromats. There are few things more inconvenient (or more tedious) than having to lug 50+ pounds of clothes across town, and then having to sit under flickering fluorescent lightbulbs for several hours, with nothing to do but watch bad soap operas on T.V. and eat stale vending machine chips. And if you own a car and think going to the laundromat is bad, just imagine how much more difficult it is for people who rely on public transportation.

If you find yourself in an apartment that offers on-site laundry, you should thank your lucky stars — because your life is about to get a whole lot easier. Not only will using the on-site facilities save you money every month, but it’ll also save you time, hassle, and one hell of a headache.

There are many perks that come with on-site laundry amenities, but it’s also important to understand the differences between each setup so you can best utilize the services at your disposal.

Apartments With Washer/Dryer Hookups:

Depending on the amenities your apartment complex offers, you may find that your apartment comes with washer and dryer hookups. This means that the unit comes with the electrical hookups needed to plug in your own washer and dryer. It’s important to note that these types of hookups can vary from apartment to apartment. Depending on the the type of output your dryer has, an electrician may be needed to install a different type of hookup.

In the words of the Austin, Texas based electrical company Dunman Electric, “[V]ery carefully examine your wash area to determine what types of connections can be found. Usually there are electrical or gas hookups. Electric is the most popular… be sure to hook up a four-foot dryer vent to the outside and also a 220v outlet. Also… be sure the amperage available fits the dryer that you are wanting to use; 30, 40, and 50 amp are the most popular. However, a 30 won’t fit into a 50, and so forth. The circuit number will be noted on the electric service panel, as well as on the inside or back of your dryer. Additionally… be sure there’s adequate room for your washer and dryer to fit.”

Apartments With On-Site Laundry Facilities:

Some apartments offer on-site laundry facilities. This means that while a washing machine and dryer won’t be inside your apartment, there will be an on-site facility for you to use. This can usually be found near the complex’s other public areas, such as the fitness center, media center, or recreation room.

While using your own washer and dryer is a great option, it will inevitably lead to wear and tear on the machines. Using the machines provided by your apartment complex will prevent this wear and tear, and, in many cases, it’ll keep you from ever having to purchase your own machines. Using your apartment’s facilities will also eliminate the need to rely on public laundromats. This will save you a tremendous amount of money in transportation costs and, most importantly, time.

If all that wasn’t enough, on-site facilities also provide tenants with a great way to get aquatinted with their neighbors. This can be extremely helpful if you’ve recently moved to a new city and don’t yet have many friends. If your apartment’s facility is beside the gym, washing your clothes can even become a great incentive to get in shape.

Apartments Offering Washing Machines & Dryers for Rent:


Some apartments will already be equipped with a personal washing machine and dryer when you move in, with the price of using them included in the monthly rent. This is obviously the best-case scenario in terms of laundry situations, as buying a new washer and dryer can be extremely costly. As laid out by, “Washing machines cost between $250 and $2,050; dryers cost anywhere from $200 to $1,750. An average top-load washer with capacity over three cubic feet… will cost between $275 and $450.”

If your apartment has a washer and dryer in it, you’ll also save a ton of money. As blogger Lolita Rogers points out on “When doing laundry in a laundry facility (laundry room or laundromat), you must pay for each load. The amount varies, depending on the location and the owner’s cost of maintaining the machines. One washing machine load can range from $1.25 to $1.75. Dryers vary quite a bit. Some are a flat rate for a fixed number of minutes, with prices ranging from $1.00 to $2.00. Others cost $0.25 for the first fifteen minutes, with ten minutes added to the initial time for each additional quarter. When drying bulky items, like heavy towels, the cost of a load can be high.”

At an average cost of less than $1 per load, it goes without saying that washing your clothes in your own apartment is by far the most economical choice. An additional bonus to saving money on each load comes in the environmental savings associated with using your apartment’s in-unit machines. If you do several loads back-to-back, it’ll take less time to heat the dryer, thus saving both time and electricity.

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