Ideas for a Tiny Laundry Area

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Bright ivory laundry room

There is nothing like a stylish, neat and spacious laundry room to make an apartment look AND feel “pulled together”.

Too often, especially in a tiny apartment, this spot becomes a dumping ground of sorts.

It’s where stuff that you can’t figure out what to do with goes. This makes it an inefficient as well as a shabby-looking part of your abode.

The solution is to revamp your laundry room so it’s one of the most beautiful sections of your apartment.

Naturally, you’ll also want to turn the work area into a place where things get done!

For instance, not only will you want room to wash, dry and fold your laundry, but you’ll also need to separate the clothing items into piles which you’ll carry to closets or drawers, and put away with ease.

Your laundry room will also serve as a place where you can place a hamper, and hangers in orderly succession. Too, you’ll need to organize your washing liquids and powders.

The work space or counter has to be roomy and a seat or bench would be optimal.

Let’s see how all of the above can be accomplished. To design your new laundry room, you’ll need to take the following steps:


  • Draw or scribble a rough sketch of your ideal laundry room. (Stick figures are fine!) Your diagram should include EVERYTHING that you need conveniently placed, at arm’s length. Your little blueprint doesn’t have to be professional; don’t worry about how drafty it looks. The idea is to transfer the concept from your head to paper.


  • Now that your new laundry room is making the transition from dream to reality, get wildly creative. Move things around (on paper) and play with how the final design will look. You might want to look through design magazines or check out some online sites which feature elegant and functional furnishings.


  • Surrender to the inner Feng Shui in you…and allow plenty of balance and harmony in your set up. Similarly, be sure and place items far enough apart so that there’s room for air to circulate–a major Feng Shuiprinciple.


  • Design your space around the main items: the washer and dryer combo. If you don’t yet have a washer and dryer, consider getting a vertical duo – one on top of the other. These machines have a very modern look, and often result in a bit more room.


  • Consider a non-white set up. A pewter—sort of like a cross between a deep grey and silver, with a bit of glossy brown thrown in– or milky grey hue will add a sophisticated polish. Darker, trendier colors work well in small apartments…they add interest!


  • A beechwood (or any “clean” wood look) counter top is a must. You’ll need it for folding, sorting, etc. If you’ve got front loaders, make the piece of wood long enough to completely cover the area over the two units.


  • Secure the counter by placing brackets at both ends to keep the counter from resting on the units. If you’ve got top loader machines, you’ll have to move the two units forward a bit and place the counter further back– or use a shelf insert.


  • Shelves placed above the units can serve double-duty as a storage area, perhaps to stack towels. Avoid decorating with knick knacks. A bud vase, as pretty as it is, will be knocked down quite frequently. Place it, instead, on a desk in your office area.


  • Large, thickly woven baskets with colorful fabrics draped on one side and oatmeal-colored jute area rugs look beautiful in a laundry room. These two items are also quite useful! The baskets can be used to tote laundry back and forth—it’ll take the place of a hamper, and adds a touch of class– and the jute rug will not collect dust; these plant-based rugs are considered non-allergenic, and are very durable. Additionally, the natural look of the jute rugs will offset the functionality of the washer and drawer.


  • Another great idea for a small apartment: a laundry closet…which will hide everything in plain sight. If you happen to have a sink in the laundry room, the sink will fit in one of the open partitions—until you close the folding door or bring down the rolling shade.


Viola! No more dumping ground!

Remember, think positively!

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