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The Basics of Broker Fees

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Broker fees serve as the main form of payment for those who show homes for rent or sale. Leasing agents or real estate brokers rarely make salaries or receive hourly pay, so the fees are their compensation much in the same way commission is for many types of salesmen. In the case of renting apartments, […] read more

Finding the Right Apartment: Four Questions to Ask Potential Neighbors

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Talking to neighbors before moving into a new apartment is akin to calling references when hiring a candidate for a job. They provide a view of your prospective selection that you can’t gain from a one-time visit. When deciding what questions to ask those who already live in the neighborhood or building, explore what aspects of apartment living affect you […] read more

How to Lower Apartment Broker Fees

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When you’re looking to sign a lease agreement for a monthly rent apartment using an apartment broker can be the right move. Although a fee is required for this service there are ways on how to lower apartment broker fees. How do Apartment Brokers Work? Apartment real estate brokers make their entire salary by the […] read more

What a Housing Counselor Can Do for First-Time Renters

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Finding a housing counselor can be a good idea for first time renters, or those who feel they need assistance with finding affordable housing as tenants. Housing counseling services are often provided on a state level. Some of them may be associated with the national Housing and Urban Development agency. Others are simply local resources […] read more

5 Smart Apartment Hunting Strategies

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Apartment hunting can be frustrating if you don’t know where to look. There are many ways to look for an apartment, but you could spend time looking at apartment listings that aren’t really what you need. If what you’re doing isn’t turning up anything, or if you don’t know where to begin, then consider these […] read more

A Guide to Using Apartment Rental Agencies

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If you’re new to the area, and want to make the most informed decision about where you should move, apartment rental agencies are almost always worthwhile. You pay a fee for the service, but a local agency will provide you with a summary of virtually every community in the area. Usually, in a very easy to read […] read more

5 Tips for a Successful Apartment Warming Party

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To celebrate your move, you’re planning an apartment warming party. You want to celebrate your new life with those you care about and possibly your new neighbors, but you’re not sure what kind of party you should throw. Here are some tips to make your apartment warming party a successful one: 1. Set the Right […] read more

Are Luxury Apartments Worth the Extra Cost?

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Luxury apartments are a very interesting mystery for a lot of people, but are they worth the extra cost? For starters, let’s answer those questions, and see what luxury apartments include. Doorman & Porter Service Luxury apartment buildings usually include a 24-hour doorman, and porter service. This means that all of your guests will be […] read more

Apartment Hunting: Finding the Right Neighborhood for You

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Finding the right neighborhood is the first step in the apartment hunting process. Once you know which neighborhood you want to live in, you’ll be able to focus on finding the right apartment. Your neighborhood is reflective of your personality and ultimately a place where you call home. Therefore, it becomes even more important to […] read more