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Apartment Search Tips: Viewing an Apartment

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When doing your apartment search, you should prepare yourself for the meeting with the landlord or rental office by having the right documentation and knowing the right questions to ask. Information Required to Obtain an Apartment There is some basic information that landlords will require from you in order to begin the application process. Many […] read more

Searching for an Apartment with your Cell Phone

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People spend a lot of time on the go these days, making it harder to dedicate time to searching for a new apartment at their home computer. Instead, it's far more likely that an apartment hunter will squeeze in a search during the commute to work or during a few minutes waiting if he or she has a phone capable of browsing online. But most websites just aren't easy to use on a phone: classified listings may be impossible to read on such a small screen and few sites dedicated to aggregating apartment listings have been optimized for use on a mobile browser. read more

Kiplinger’s Guide to Apartment Renting

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A user passed along this article as a good overview of how to get the most out of your rental, and we thought you might find it interesting and informative. Here's a summary from the full article; click the link below to read these tips and the comments from this top personal finance website publisher. read more

When a Registered Sex Offender Lives Near You

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Remember the good old days, when finding an apartment was as easy as walking up to the landlord and asking if there were any vacancies? Today, apartment hunting is a bit more involved, leaving renters with many things to consider before choosing a place to live. For instance, it's no longer the noisy neighbor--you know, the one who plays Molly Hatchet CDs until two in the morning who is the big problem. The real concern is the kindly neighbor in Apartment 12, who just happens to be a registered sex offender. In this day and age, the old hippie with the love for southern rock may just turn out to be your favorite neighbor. read more

Using ApartmentSearch to Find Your Next Apartment

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Why use ApartmentSearch by CORT to find your next apartment?* Finding a new apartment is supposed to cost you money, right? It probably will if you search for apartments the traditional way. But if you use ApartmentSearch by CORT to find your next apartment, you can actually make $200! Read more to learn how can help you find a great apartment and earn money at the same time. 1. Explore properties at ApartmentSearch is a great way to explore housing options in your new city. Over 18,000 apartment complexes across the country have agreements with ApartmentSearch and the number grows every day. "We have a national team of salespeople whose goal is to target properties and expand the ApartmentSearch network," says Creed Poore, Intellectual Property Manager for ApartmentSearch. Log on to the site to check out complexes in your destination city. read more

Apartment Hunting: Do It Yourself, or Use a Service?

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A lot of legwork goes into finding a great rental. You'll have to consider many factors, including price, location, access to mass transit, safety, and the trustworthiness of the landlord. After you find a few possibilities, the next task list arises -- getting in touch with the right people, finding the time to schedule walk-throughs of the properties, and in some cases, interviewing with the landlord. Yes, finding an apartment is a hassle, which is why so many people turn to brokers and locator services to help them land that perfect place. read more

Apartment Search Stress Relief Ideas

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Anyone who’s ever searched for an apartment knows it can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re doing it at the last minute. Finding a place with just the right amount of space and light, in just the right part of town, at just the right price, can be really rough. read more

Questions to Ask a Landlord

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It happens to all of us: we think of a thousand questions the day after looking at an apartment, and wish we’d had better presence of mind in the moment. Here’s a list of questions, loosely categorized by topic that you may wish to ask a potential landlord about your apartment. Remember to ask questions respectfully and refrain from gasping at any answer, even if it seems outrageous. If this isn’t the apartment for you, just move on. If you’re not sure you understand the answer to a question, don’t hesitate to rephrase or ask a follow-up question. This list assumes you’ve already actually seen the apartment and don’t need to ask the basic questions (where in the complex is it located?, how many bedrooms/square feet?, etc.). Keep in mind that this list designed as a guideline to help you remember to ask about what’s important to you. It’s not a litany of questions you must ask in every situation. read more

How To Negotiate Affordable Rent

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How can you save money on rent? The answers seem obvious: shop around, ask friends, live in a smaller place or a less developed area. There are other ways to pinch pennies, however—just read on for more details! read more