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What is a Bachelor Apartment?

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If you are single and desire a place of your own without spending a lot of money each month, a bachelor apartment may be the perfect choice for you. A bachelor apartment is one that combines the bedroom, living room and kitchen (or kitchenette) in the one room unit. Although small in size, it’s a […] read more

Apartment Hunting: 5 Top Amenities for Bachelors

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When apartment hunting, it’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a one-apartment-fits-all model. As a bachelor, you’ll have different apartment needs than a couple or a single parent, for example. Look for these top amenities when searching for an apartment: 1. On-Site Fitness Center Exercising is always a great way to meet […] read more

Kitchenettes vs. Kitchens: What’s the Difference?

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When apartment hunting, you may wonder what the difference is between kitchenettes and kitchens. Many studio apartments, bachelor apartments and other small apartments don’t have full-sized kitchens. Instead, what they provide is a kitchenette. It Starts with Size The greatest difference between kitchenettes and kitchens is the size. A kitchenette is, as the name indicates, […] read more