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Calculating Your Actual Living Costs

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When you’re looking for an apartment or any other type of rental property, you are probably focused on all of the things you consider “must haves.” Price may be another consideration, as it should be. What many renters fail to think about, however, is something that will have serious financial implications once you get settled […] read more

4 Reasons to Use Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

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Energy saving light bulbs may cost more than traditional incandescent light bulbs, but there are a number of compelling reasons to spend the extra money initially on the energy-saving versions. If you’re debating whether or not to purchase the energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, consider the following: 1 – They Use Less Electricity and You […] read more

4 Ways to Save on Electricity Costs during the Winter

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Wintertime is the best season to try to save on electricity. Anything in your apartment with a heating element that uses electricity will make your electric bill high. You tend to use those more during the winter months, especially your heater. There are ways to reduce your energy use and lower your electric bills when […] read more

5 Reasons a Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Is a Bad Idea

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A month to month lease agreement has many benefits but it also has several drawbacks. While you may enjoy the freedom a month-to-month lease provides, you should also be aware of the problems such a lease can create. 1. Higher Cost Because there is always the possibility of a month-to-month lease ending in the next […] read more

Compare Cities using Cost of Living Estimates

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When you compare cities with cost of living estimates, it’s shocking to see how expensive some places are to live. You may change your plans for relocation based on those figures. The estimates are based on certain factors that affect the costs of living for different cities. 1. Salary The average salary of city residents […] read more