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potted onions and other plants

11 Common Plants for Small Container Gardens

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Small container gardens are becoming more popular now that a lot of people are choosing to live in smaller homes and apartments. One of the things that really bummed me out when I first started living in my first apartment was having to give up my large backyard garden. However, I eventually learned that many […] read more


8 Reasons to Keep Houseplants in Your Apartment

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Plants are having quite the moment in home decor. Although home dwellers have nearly always kept plants inside, we’re seeing a bit of a plant trend right now — people are buying everything from succulents to hydrangeas and hanging plants for the bathroom. Whether you’ve always enjoyed gardening or have never even purchased potting soil, […] read more

Apartment Balcony

Making the Most of Your Balcony

A balcony can provide a little private oasis of outdoor space in an otherwise enclosed apartment home: fresh air, natural light, and maybe even enough room for a little bit of a party. There are many ways we can enjoy our balconies — from barbecues to reading nooks and small gardens. read more

Apartment Living

How Apartment Living Can Make Your Life Better

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As houses become less affordable and urban areas become increasingly popular, more families and individuals are choosing the apartment life. While many people still yearn for homeownership, it’s important to remember that it’s not for everyone and that living in a rental can be just as rewarding. read more


Best Houseplants for Your Apartment

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One of apartment living’s biggest drawbacks is its extremely limited (or non-existent) amount of outdoor space. Without a designated garden area, it can be quite difficult to grow plants, flowers, or herbs—but it’s not impossible. Growing plants indoors is actually pretty easy and can make your place look and feel fantastic. read more

Small Space Herb Garden

Starting a Small Space Herb Garden

Springtime weather always gets me itching to grow some plants of my own, but it can be a real challenge to exercise my green thumbs inside a tiny apartment. Luckily, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to small space gardening. read more

Nature and Apartment Buildings

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Whether you live in a concrete jungle or have scenic vistas from your balcony, if you can get to a woodsy area, you might want to give “forest bathing” a shot. Shinrin-yoku – or “forest bathing” in Japanese – has been found to reduce anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, anger and stress. Along those lines, visionary architects in […] read more

How to Find the Right Gardening Containers

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Gardening can save you money besides being a great way to relax. With the use of gardening containers, anyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Regardless if you have lots of room or very little space, container gardening is a fun way to garden. Container gardening allows you to be creative with colors and […] read more

Indoor Garden: 4 Pests to Watch For

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If you think you don’t have to worry about pests because you’re growing an indoor garden, you’re sadly mistaken. There are common pests to watch for. When not taken care of, these pests can destroy your plants, not to mention your peace of mind. Some pests spread plant disease, and others can spread disease to […] read more