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View of the Seattle skyline at sunset.

Typical Utility Costs in Seattle

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Seattle has grown phenomenally in the last decade, reaching a whopping 23.8 percent growth rate before tapering off in 2019. read more

Man screams in shock as the ice-cold shower water hits his back

No Hot Water? No Problem!

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Turning on your shower for your morning wake-up ritual and discovering nothing but icy cold water flowing from the tap is extremely disconcerting read more


Best Houseplants for Your Apartment

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One of apartment living’s biggest drawbacks is its extremely limited (or non-existent) amount of outdoor space. Without a designated garden area, it can be quite difficult to grow plants, flowers, or herbs—but it’s not impossible. Growing plants indoors is actually pretty easy and can make your place look and feel fantastic. read more

Shower Efficiently: 4 Water Conservation Tips

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Basic water conservation tips can help you cut back on your water bill and have more money to save or spend. However, even if your utilities are included in your apartment, cutting back on your water usage is an environmentally responsible and less wasteful way to live. Find out how to shower so that you […] read more

4 Simple Water Conservation Strategies

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Water conservation is a way of life to those who are most successful with saving water. Whether it’s a lifestyle choice, a political statement or some other reason, working hard to use less water will reap big rewards in your bank account. Here are 4 water conservation strategies that can save you money: 1. Limit […] read more


The Benefits of a Water Softening Device

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The first water softening device was introduced to the water filtration process in 1903 and the household version was introduced soon after. Since then, the water softener has been a staple in the home. However, if there is still a debate whether to purchase a water softener, here are four reasons why this purchase will […] read more

Save Money By Installing a Water Filter

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Investing in a water filter is a less obvious way to save money on your living expenses. If you can’t stand the taste of your tap water, you may have already decided to purchase bottled water, as a better alternative. But there’s a more cost-effective way to obtain fresher, better tasting water. Cost of Bottled […] read more

How Safe is Your Water: Water Filtration Systems

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If you've found that your drinking water isn't actually safe to drink, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you have clean water. While bottled water may be the simplest short-term solution, there are hundreds of different filtration systems that can help provide you with clean drinking water without purchasing bottled water on a regular basis. read more

How Safe is Your Water: Renter’s Clean Water Rights

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You can live in a city with perfectly safe drinking water and still find that the water coming from the taps in your apartment isn't safe to drink. Maybe the pipes are old and contain lead; maybe there is bacteria in your water. No matter what the problem is, though, your first point of contact should be your landlord. read more