8 Reasons to Keep Houseplants in Your Apartment

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Plants are having quite the moment in home decor. Although home dwellers have nearly always kept plants inside, we’re seeing a bit of a plant trend right now — people are buying everything from succulents to hydrangeas and hanging plants for the bathroom. Whether you’ve always enjoyed gardening or have never even purchased potting soil, there are many reasons why you should consider keeping a few houseplants.

Not entirely convinced that keeping a living thing in your house is a good idea? Here are 8 benefits that houseplants have to offer your apartment.

Houseplants Help Purify the Air

Even though they require you to bring dirt inside your apartment, plants can actually make the inside of your house much cleaner. Plants help purify the air and rid it of toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, making your air healthier to breathe in throughout the year. This is especially helpful if you live in a city that’s filled with tons of smoke, smog, and pollution.

Houseplants Help You Sleep Better

You may have already known that plants contribute to a cleaner environment in general, but did you know that they can actually make your environment better? Plants like jasmine, aloe vera, and lavender have really soothing scents and can help us fall asleep easier at night because they lower heart rate and blood pressure. So the next time you have a bout of insomnia, reach for the lavender plant instead of the sleep aid medication!

Houseplants Can Reduce Stress

Feeling a bit stressed? Instead of taking that expensive vacation to the tropics or doing a bit of retail therapy, just go to your local flower shop and purchase a potted plant to experience similar results. It turns out that plants can actually reduce stress levels and increase productivity.

Houseplants Connect You to Nature


When you live in a bustling, crowded city, it can be difficult to carve out time to get away and enjoy nature. Sure, parks are great, but they’re not going to give you a sense of connection to nature in your home when you come in from work. Incorporating a few plants into your decor may not be a substitute for a weekend in the country, but it can give you that little piece of nature that you might otherwise be missing in the concrete jungle.

Houseplants Look Nice and Cheery

Plants may have many health benefits to offer, but they also look great in the home. Whether you add a few hanging plants to your bathroom, keep a window box of herbs in your living room, or even bring a small fruit tree into your kitchen, you’re sure to add color and style to your entire apartment.

Houseplants Can Make You Feel More at Home in an Apartment

Apartments are rarely permanent living situations (especially when you’re young), so it can often feel difficult to feel at home in a cookie cutter apartment complex building that you know is temporary. Adding plants to your apartment can make you feel more at home immediately — not only because they can spruce up your apartment, but also because they give you something to come home to and care for.

Houseplants Can Inspire You Creatively

It’s important to be inspired by your living space, so when it feels a little humdrum or boring, just work a few plants into the decor to spice things up. You’d be surprised by how quickly a splash of greenery can inspire you!

Houseplants Get Rid of Allergens

Although you might not think so, some plants can actually reduce the number of allergens inside of your home (such as the spider plant). The next time you’re miserable from constantly sneezing or your eyes are puffy from a case of spring allergies, try purchasing an allergen-reducing plant to post inside your home.

Tips for Keeping Houseplants in Your Apartment

Pay attention to your particular plant’s watering and sunlight needs. A succulent, for example, may not need a ton of water, but it will require a ton of sunlight to stay happy and healthy.

If you’re a little wary of keeping a houseplant (or if you haven’t exactly developed your green thumb yet), consider registering for a few courses at your local home and garden store or reading a few online tutorials on how to keep your plants at their healthiest.

If your plant happens to die under your watchful eye, don’t worry! Keep trying different kinds of plants, especially ones that are native to your area, and adjust your caring for them as needed. It may take you a few rounds to get it right, but once you do, it’ll be worth it for the health of your home!

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