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Small Space Herb Garden

Starting a Small Space Herb Garden

Springtime weather always gets me itching to grow some plants of my own, but it can be a real challenge to exercise my green thumbs inside a tiny apartment. Luckily, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to small space gardening. read more

4 Unique, But Useful Apartment Housewarming Gifts

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Housewarming gifts often end up in a storage bin or under the bed, because some are useless. Don’t give one to a friend or someone you care about. The person you’re gifting to may be struggling with finances, and could use gifts that will help them get on their feet. Even if you’re giving a […] read more

Indoor Herb Garden: How to Dry Herbs

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If you grow your own fresh herbs you should learn how to dry herbs in order to make the most of your harvest. While you can make use of your indoor herb garden by using fresh herbs in your cooking, drying your herbs will allow you to make use of your bounty when fresh herbs […] read more

4 Common Novice Mistakes When Starting an Herb Garden

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Everyone should be encouraged to start an herb garden. Herbs are a common part of our lives, and are found in many foods and products, ranging from medicines to skin care products. Whether you want to have the personal experience of growing your own herbs, or are looking for ways to cut down on your […] read more

Indoor Herb Garden: The 5 Basic Ingredients

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An indoor herb garden is popular for health and culinary benefits. With well-chosen herbs you can grow the spices you need for your favorite dishes and have what you need to cure minor illness and bruises. Finding success with your garden takes having the right ingredients. Here are 5 basic “ingredients” needed to make your […] read more

Container Gardening Basics

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Whether you are a seasoned apartment dweller with an itching green thumb, or a former homeowner craving the tomatoes you once grew in your own backyard, container gardening is for you. By creating a balcony garden, fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers can be delightfully yours — even in a small space. Assessing Your Space for Gardening Opportunities […] read more

Apartment Gardening for the Not-So-Green Thumb

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Apartment gardening can be a tricky proposition for a novice gardener. Here’s some tips to help green your not-so-green thumb! Survey the Apartment Take a look around the apartment before plant shopping. Take notes about the environment the plants will be growing in. How much light does it get? Is it morning light or afternoon […] read more

Creating an Indoor Herb Garden

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Herb gardening in small spaces is sometimes difficult, and creating an indoor herb garden in an apartment can be quite a challenge. Here are some simple steps to streamline the creation of an indoor herb garden. Choose Herbs You Will Use Before starting an herb garden, take a cursory look at your most often cooked […] read more

A Soil-Less Garden? Hydroponic Gardening Explained

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Hydroponic gardening is ideal for those wishing to grow plants or vegetables without access to adequate farm land, or in small spaces like apartments. In essence, hydroponic gardening allows you to grow plants without the use of soil, instead using a “nutrient solution”. In the absence of dirt, many of the problems faced by ordinary […] read more