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Red Maranta plant in a pot

Caring for Red Maranta Prayer Plant, 2021’s “Plant of the Year”

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1-800-Flowers’ 2021 “Plant of the Year” award is credited to the red maranta plant. read more

All these varieties make great indoor houseplants during the cold season.

9 Indoor Plants That Thrive During the Winter

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Healthy houseplants require little attention during the spring and summer. During these times, the home is filled with fresh, warm air and the sun streams into every room, so all you need to do is keep them moist for them to thrive. But then autumn creeps in, followed by those long, chilly days and nights […] read more


Best Houseplants for Your Apartment

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One of apartment living’s biggest drawbacks is its extremely limited (or non-existent) amount of outdoor space. Without a designated garden area, it can be quite difficult to grow plants, flowers, or herbs—but it’s not impossible. Growing plants indoors is actually pretty easy and can make your place look and feel fantastic. read more

Basics of Gardening: Fertilizer

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To grow healthy, beautiful plants, a good organic gardening fertilizer is recommended. Therefore, it’s important to feed plants on a regular basis with a fertilizer that has the right balance of nutrients. Usually, plant food containing an equal mix of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium will encourage maximum plant growth and health. Plant Health 101 In order to thrive, plants need carbon, […] read more

Developing an Indoor Garden Maintenance Schedule

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Maintaining a garden maintenance schedule is important if you want to see your indoor plants thrive. Scheduling times for routine plant care then is essential for raising plants that are as healthy as they are beautiful. Pruning and Propagating Prune your plants to encourage compact growth. Some plants, such as the geranium, can become long and […] read more