Ways to Winter Proof Your Apartment

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Taking the time to winter proof your apartment can lower your heating bill, keep you warmer and make the cold months more comfortable. A few easy tasks can help keep cold air out of your apartment and the warm air in.

Put Plastic Film on the Windows

Putting plastic film over your windows can help winter proof the apartment by trapping warm air from escaping through one of the places it’s most likely to escape, the glass in your windows. Window insulation kits are inexpensive and easy to install. Simply put double-sided tape around the windowsill, cut the plastic film to fit the window (leaving about an inch extra on each edge) and stick the film to the tape. Then use a hair dryer to tighten the plastic film. When spring comes, you can just pull on the film and tape and won’t cause any damage to the windowsills. Put film on all of the windows, including a sliding glass door if you have one.

Use Draft Guards Under the Door

Another place that warm air tends to escape is through cracks in the door. You have to use draft guards on your front door to winter proof your apartment, especially if the door opens directly to outdoors. Every time you enter the home and intend to stay a while, put a draft guard tightly at the bottom of the door in order to keep cold air from coming into the apartment. You can also use a draft guard that stays put under the door if it allows you to open and shut the door without impediment.

Make Sure All Cracks Are Caulked or Weatherstripped

Living in an apartment, you may need your landlord’s permission before you caulk around your apartment—or you may be able to request that your landlord do the caulking. Using a simple tool to caulk any excessive cracks around openings, like windowsills, door frames and around dryer vents, you can can help keep the cold air out and the warm air inside the apartment. It’s best if you caulk cracks early in the season before it gets too cold. You can also use weatherstripping to seal up excessive cracks.

Use Dark, Thick Curtains at Night

Another good way to winter proof your apartment is to use dark, thick curtains over your windows at night. During the day, if it’s sunny, you can draw your blinds back (so long as your windows are covered with film) and you may be able to receive some heating benefit from the sun. However, remember that nighttime is longer in the winter and that there may be cloudy days. When it’s not sunny out, you should cover the windows with dark, thick curtains, which can help trap heat.

Make Sure Your Heating Vents Are Clear

Keeping your heating vents clear is essential to keeping warm air circulating as you winter proof your apartment. Make sure no furniture or clutter is blocking the air vents and that all of the air vents are open.

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