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Bad Weather

Preparing Your Apartment For Bad Weather

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No matter where you live, there’s always a chance of bad weather. It could be a severe thunder or snowstorm, or it could be something much bigger like a hurricane. Regardless of what kind of bad weather it is, there are a few basic steps you can take to prepare your apartment for it. read more

Your Apartment Search: Cell Phone Reception

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When conducting your apartment search, you’ll have so many factors to consider that one very important one could completely slip your mind: cell phone reception. Consider why cell phone reception is an important factor to consider before you sign the rental agreement and how to best find out how good an area’s reception is: How […] read more

Searching for an Apartment with your Cell Phone

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People spend a lot of time on the go these days, making it harder to dedicate time to searching for a new apartment at their home computer. Instead, it's far more likely that an apartment hunter will squeeze in a search during the commute to work or during a few minutes waiting if he or she has a phone capable of browsing online. But most websites just aren't easy to use on a phone: classified listings may be impossible to read on such a small screen and few sites dedicated to aggregating apartment listings have been optimized for use on a mobile browser. read more

When Your Apartment is a Cell Phone Dead Zone

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Your new apartment can be perfect: great location, all the space you need and more. But then you go to make a phone call and you discover: no service. Your apartment may be a cell phone dead zone. That situation is bad enough if you also have a landline, but if you rely primarily on your cell phone, no reception can be a major issue. read more