The Benefits of a Water Softening Device

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The first water softening device was introduced to the water filtration process in 1903 and the household version was introduced soon after. Since then, the water softener has been a staple in the home. However, if there is still a debate whether to purchase a water softener, here are four reasons why this purchase will save you money, time and make you feel a little bit cleaner.

A Sparkly Tub

The minerals-such as calcium, magnesium and, sometimes bicarbonates and sulfates-that make hard water hard are the culprits that leave those pesky orange rings on the bathtubs, sinks and toilets. These minerals are also the reason for the embarrassing green gunk and deposits that build up in the faucets and shower heads. Hard water is also partly responsible for the “soap scum” that rears its ugly head on shower walls and shower curtains. By eliminating those minerals with a water softening device, these unsightly cleaning headaches will be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated. Slowly the cost of cleaning supplies and time will be reduced.

Silky Smooth Skin

Not moving far from the bathtub with hard water concerns is the issue of showering; soaps and shampoos tend to lather better in soft water meaning less will be needed for the same amount of bathing. In fact, many soaps and shampoos contain chemicals and impurities with the purpose of combating the minerals in hard water so they can lather better on their own. By removing the minerals in hard water, purer, less chemically imbued soap can be used leaving skin and hair feeling cleaning, smoother and softer.

Cleaner Duds

Hard water also has a problem rinsing away soap, not just in the shower, but in the laundry as well. Clothes washed and rinsed in hard water then re-rinsed in soft water tend to expunge residual soap left there by the initial rinse in the harder water. By having soft water do the wash, clothes will feel softer to touch as well as last longer: whites will stay whiter longer and colors will be more vibrant.

The Little Coffee Pot that Could

Hard water tends to degrade the material it is running through because of reaction between the minerals it contains and the material of the appliance. So, by having a less mineral enriched water running through the coffee machine, as well as any other appliance, it will increase their life expectancy. Also, soft water will reduce the amount of energy needed to complete each of the appliances tasks, be it making ice for lemonade or that morning cup of joe, since their inner workings will be less polluted with material deposits that slow the processes down.

Though the World Health Organization does not deem water to be health issue, the benefits of having soft water still outweigh the cost of one.  The initial monetary return of a water softener may not be greatly notable (though the time spent scrubbing the bathroom and softer skin might), over time the savings will show.

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