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End of Your Lease: 5 Places to Look before Your Landlord Does

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At the end of your lease, you can expect your landlord to inspect the apartment. It’s a sad thought, but some landlords do all that they can to not return the full security deposit or any of it. They look at everything closely, and try to find the smallest defect to charge tenants for. You’ll […] read more

Apartment Tour: 6 Questions to Ask

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Taking an apartment tour is a good way to measure whether you want to move in, as well as whether you’ll get along with the property manager or landlord. You don’t want to just spend the whole time looking at the features of the apartment and listening; take notes and ask a lot of questions. […] read more

4 Reasons Landlords Require a High Security Deposit

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A security deposit can make a difference in what apartment you’re able to afford. A high security deposit may be a barrier to moving into a unit, if you’re not able to negotiate a lower deposit. Some landlords require an amount that clearly violates the law, but fighting them in court over it won’t do […] read more

5 Types of Fees You May Be Charged when Moving In

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Moving in to a new apartment can get pricey with the upfront fees charged on top of rent. Being aware of what fees are legitimate and which ones are not can help you avoid being scammed and also help you prepare for what kind of costs to expect. Save up enough money to cover these […] read more

Your Apartment Rental Contract Demystified

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An apartment rental contract, sometimes called a “lease,” is an essential element for any rent agreement. Unless you have legal training, however, the terms and layout of such a contract can be quite confusing. Prior to signing a lease, every tenant should understand the contract prior to agreeing to its terms. The Length of the […] read more

What to Do if the Landlord Does Not Return Your Security Deposit

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The landlord has a right to ask for and collect a security deposit when you move in, which is an additional deposit that will be used if you cause damage to the apartment (and will be returned if you don’t). This includes a security deposit for any pets you own. Some states allow the landlord […] read more

What to Do if Your Landlord Has Not Returned Your Security Deposit

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Once everything is moved out, and the apartment is clean, a tenant would anticipate receiving a returned security deposit. Rather it was $100 or $500, receiving the security deposit back from the landlord is customary, granted the apartment is left clean with no damages. Once you have turned over the keys and received a passing […] read more

4 Scenarios in which a Landlord Can Increase Your Security Deposit

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Your landlord can increase your security deposit after giving you a timely, written notice notice. The increase can occur with or without a simultaneous increase in rent. There are a number of reasons why your landlord can ask for a higher deposit. Here are 4 scenarios: 1. New Landlord If the rental unit gets sold, […] read more

4 Types of Cleaning and Repairs a Landlord Can Deduct from a Security Deposit

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Getting your full security deposit back at the end of your lease term is very possible as long as you’re responsible with the property. Landlords ask for a security deposit, usually equal to one month’s rent, as collateral against any major damage that may occur during your stay in the apartment. Security deposits also help […] read more