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Your Apartment Search: 6 Questions to Ask

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With so much to think about as you plan your apartment search, there are a myriad of details that can be overlooked. It may help to sit down and answer a few questions or to make a list of things to remember during your search. 1. What Kind of Features Will You Need? Jot down […] read more

Ensuring Your Security Deposit Is Returned

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Posting a security deposit can take a large chunk out of your wallet. Some security deposits can be as much as first and last month’s rent. You want to make every last ditch effort possible to ensure that your security deposit is returned. Giving Proper Notice When you are moving out, make sure that you […] read more

Security Deposits: Protecting Landlord and Tenant

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A security deposit is a sum of money that your landlord requires you to pay before you move into your apartment. Your landlord will hold onto the security deposit until you move out. The purpose of the security deposit is to protect your landlord in case you damage the apartment during the time you are […] read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Rental Contract

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So you’ve found that perfect apartment, and now the last step is to sign the rental contract. Before signing the rental contract, there are 5 questions that you must ask the landlord. Make sure that you are comfortable with the landlord’s responses before signing. 1 – What Are the Terms of the Security Deposit? The […] read more

What Is A Lease Agreement?

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A lease agreement, also known as a rental agreement, is a legal document that is written to specify the agreed terms and responsibilities the landlord or owner and you, as the tenant, have for the specified property. Why a Lease Agreement is Necessary A lease agreement is a very necessary part of rental transactions because […] read more

Get the Most Back from Your Security Deposit

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To get the most back from your apartment security deposit, you have to remember that you’re living in “borrowed” space, and it’s your responsibility to “return” the borrowed space in as close to original condition as you can manage. At the same time, as a borrower, you have rights, too, and you must make sure […] read more

Rental Scams, Part I: When You’re Tricked Into a Rent Lock-In by the Landlord or Broker

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When it comes to renting an apartment, there are more than a few landlords willing to do whatever it takes to get an apartment rented -- even to the point of attempting to scam unwary renters. Brittany Espy attempted to rent an apartment in New York City and wound up in a credit card dispute. As part of her paperwork with a broker, Espy was asked for her credit card information: "They told me nothing would be charged to me. They just needed the info to do my credit checks." The broker went ahead and charged her card, though, telling her that she had the apartment and had to take it. read more

Apartment Move-In Inspection Tips

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When you move into a new apartment, it's up to you to inspect your new home. When you do an inspection, you're looking for specifics: Is there any damage to the apartment that is there before you move in? You don't want to get penalized for something you didn't do. read more

Top Tenant-Landlord Legal Questions

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We first started this blog in 2005 and we wanted to bring a few posts back to the forefront to help those of you who will be moving this spring or summer. Because landlord-tenant issues are so common, the most important legal posts are grouped below. We hope these are useful as you start planning your next move. read more