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Renting in Los Angeles: 4 Laws You Should Know

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There are a number of laws you should know about when it comes to renting in Los Angeles. As a tenant, you have many rights afforded to you by law, and they appear to be heavily in your favor. However, your landlord also has rights, and knowing as much as you can on the following […] read more

How to Read a Tenant Agreement

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When reading a tenant agreement, it’s important to focus on the major issues first. The amount of your rent payment is more important than what state has jurisdiction over the lease should a dispute arise. Here are some lease clauses to read and understand when you get your tenant agreement: Rent and Security Deposit The […] read more

Rental Laws: 3 Types of Landlord Fraud

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Rental laws protect tenants from many types of landlord fraud. Unfortunately, there are some landlords who make more money scamming tenants than renting apartments. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid trouble and recover any money you lose. 1. Security Deposit The bulk of the complaints from tenants in the area of landlord […] read more

Get Your Security Deposit Back: What Is Normal Wear and Tear?

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One of the most important things to get back out of your apartment is your security deposit. Your security deposit can often become free money for your landlord if you are not diligent about getting it back. Likewise, because you could probably use that money for either the next apartment that you are renting or […] read more

How Much Is a Typical Pet Deposit?

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When it’s time to negotiate the terms of a lease, tenants who own pets may be wondering about a reasonable amount for a pet deposit. However, the short answer to this question is that there is no typical pet deposit, and this amount of money has a lot to do with the specific factors of […] read more

Am I Paying Too Much for a Security Deposit?

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When it comes to an apartment security deposit, reasonable deposit amounts depend on a few factors. Ultimately, it is determined by the state and how effectively they regulate the security deposit maximum. The Purpose of a Security Deposit Before you ask the question of whether or not you are paying too much for an apartment […] read more

5 Overlooked Moving Costs

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When it comes time to move, there are moving costs that generally get overlooked. When you look back at the move, you wonder where all the extra money went. In order to avoid that, take a look at these options. 1. Security Deposit and Fees Moving from one apartment to the other often requires putting […] read more

Protecting Your Rental Security Deposit

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A rental security deposit is money given by a tenant to the landlord which acts as insurance should any form of damage occur during the tenant’s occupancy. The rate of a rental security deposit varies but in most cases it is around one month’s rent. Typically a rental security deposit is returned in (or close […] read more

What Does the Landlord Tenant Act Do for Me?

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At some point during their lease period, many renters will want to take advantage of a landlord tenant act to get more detail on the law regarding their rental situation. Knowing more about this kind of legislation gives tenants a greater hand in negotiating with their landlords over their housing environment and other issues. What […] read more