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Man stresses out as he wonders how to break his lease agreement without paying any fines

How to Break Your Lease for Security and Safety Reasons

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It’s something no one wants to have to deal with: a situation has come up that necessitates you breaking your lease agreement. read more

The Importance of Reviewing Rental Agreement Forms

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When signing a lease on an apartment, it is important to closely read the rental agreement forms before signing them. While everything might seem on the level, there could be some fine print. Making sure to read over and understand everything carefully before signing is a must. Once your name is on the document, there is […] read more

Your Apartment Rental Contract Demystified

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An apartment rental contract, sometimes called a “lease,” is an essential element for any rent agreement. Unless you have legal training, however, the terms and layout of such a contract can be quite confusing. Prior to signing a lease, every tenant should understand the contract prior to agreeing to its terms. The Length of the […] read more