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8 Red-Flag Clauses of a Bad Landlord-Tentant Agreement

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For anyone who is reviewing a lease agreement prior to move-in, it helps to be able to identify some warning signs of a bad landlord tenant relationship that is waiting to happen. Sometimes, the clauses of a lease can be bad omens, where tenant rights hinge on a good reading and negotiation of “landlord laws” […] read more

Security Deposit Disputes

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When you move into an apartment, you usually have to hand over an extra check to your landlord: a security deposit. It may be the equivalent of a full month’s rent or it may be a little less. No matter what, though, it’s a sizable chunk of money that you’d like to get back when […] read more

What is Normal Wear and Tear?

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As you live in an apartment, there’s a certain level of wear and tear that’s normal. Just by doing things like walking over the carpet on a daily basis or running the heater during the winter, you’re going to wear out your carpet and appliances just a little bit. It isn’t damage, because it will […] read more

5 Common Examples of Renter Rights Violations

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Knowing your renter rights will protect you from losing money or getting ripped off. Some landlords tend to violate renter rights in the same ways. Here are some common examples to watch out for: 1. Your Landlord Asks too Much for Deposits Your state’s law sets a limit as to much your landlord is allowed […] read more

8 Common Mistakes by First-Time Renters

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First-time renters are understandably excited when they move into their new apartment. It’s often a big step toward independence from their parents and a rite of passage. In the midst of that excitement and new-found freedom, they can quickly get themselves into trouble. Here are 8 common mistakes made by first-time renters. Mistake #1: Paying […] read more

First and Last Month’s Rent: Security Deposits Explained

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You have found the perfect apartment or house to rent and are ready to sign the lease agreement. Before you do, make sure you carefully read it over, especially the section relating to the required security deposit. It is important for you to be aware of the landlord tenant act in your state, so that […] read more

When to Use an Apartment Attorney

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Hiring an attorney is usually the last thing on your mind when renting an apartment. Location, amenities, rent and apartment layout are the topics you’ll think of first, when talking about apartment living. Unfortunately, as with all things in life, something concerning your tenancy could go awry and put your rights in jeopardy. That’s when […] read more

How an Apartment Inspection Simplifies Your Security Deposit Return

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When renting an apartment, a security deposit is one of the expenses you will face. Unlike your monthly rent, which is a set amount, there are circumstances under which your entire security deposit  may not be returned. Naturally, you would like to maximize the odds of having your security deposit returned when you move out. […] read more

Provisions That Any Residential Lease Agreement Should Include

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Once your rental application has been accepted, and you are ready to sign the lease agreement, it is important to remember that signing a lease is a serious matter. Leases are legal documents, so it is important that the agreement is clear and complete. In order to be complete, the agreement should include the provisions detailed […] read more