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4 Everyday Habits that Harm the Environment

It’s easy to feel like climate change is an insurmountable hurdle at the individual level — after all, how can one person actually make a difference against huge issues like ocean plastics, rising sea levels, and mass extinctions? read more

Saving Energy: Making an Apartment Fireplace Cost-Effective

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A fireplace in the apartment is an amenity that’s appealing for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that it can be great for saving energy. Once you know how to make your fireplace energy efficient, you can significantly reduce your heating bill, which is often the most expensive part of your […] read more

Saving Energy: CFL Bulb vs. LED Lightbulb

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Saving energy should be a part of your plan to save money. When you focus on energy management and cut your costs by 10, 20 or even 40 percent, you’ll make a significant change in your living expenses. The first change you can make in reducing your energy usage is with lighting. Switching from incandescent […] read more

Saving Energy: Keeping an Efficient Computer and Apartment Office

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When you work hard on saving energy in your apartment office, you’ll end up with a more profitable business. Even if you’re just working from home or attending college, you’ll reduce your personal living expenses, or save your employer money if you’re telecommuting. There are many ways to use less energy that involve paying for […] read more

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption when Cleaning

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One way to reduce electricity consumption in your apartment to save money and lessen your negative impact on the environment is to make a point of cleaning in ways that will consume less energy than popular methods. It doesn’t take much to cut back on your electricity consumption when you clean in the following ways: […] read more

How to Save on Electricity: Hang Drying Laundry

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Learning how to save on electricity costs in your apartment can help you better manage your budget and decrease your negative impact on the environment. You won’t even have to give up on all of your comforts if you just trim unnecessary usage, such as using a dryer to dry your clothes. Why Choose the […] read more

Make Luxury Apartment Living Possible

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A luxury apartment very rarely offers its inhabitant an inexpensive lifestyle. Because of the amenities, upgrades and other comforts, rents on such extravagant apartments are often much higher. Add to this community, parking and other fees, and your luxury apartment can easily become unaffordable. Fortunately, there are several ways you can cut costs to make […] read more

Saving Energy: How to Stay Cool in the Summer

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Saving energy becomes a top priority during months of extreme weather, as cranking up your air conditioner in the summer or heating unit in the winter can lead to an expensive utility bill. Fortunately, during the summer months there are numerous measures you can take to stay cool while saving energy—and cash. Start Simple: Close […] read more

Saving Energy: Using Glass Window Film Effectively

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Glass window film can be effective for saving energy, and reducing your monthly utility bills. It’s a replacement for the old fashion method of taping aluminum foil to cardboard and then placing them on your windows to block out sunlight. Window film makes it easy to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your apartment during the […] read more