Saving Energy: Using Glass Window Film Effectively

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Glass window film can be effective for saving energy, and reducing your monthly utility bills. It’s a replacement for the old fashion method of taping aluminum foil to cardboard and then placing them on your windows to block out sunlight. Window film makes it easy to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your apartment during the hot season, which will keep your apartment cooler. Some window film is designed for use in the wintertime, to retain heat in your apartment.

Uses of Window Film

Not everyone who uses window film does it for the purpose of saving energy. You may enjoy additional benefits, such as:

  • Light protection, so that you furniture and other belongings don’t fade
  • Apartment decoration
  • Privacy
  • Security

These benefits may be the added push you need to spend money on window film, as opposed to the do-it-yourself approach of sticking aluminum foil or blankets on your windows. Neither is attractive to visitors, and in the case of foil, it often rips. Other window treatments, such as draperies and blinds, won’t work for saving energy. They don’t block out the heat rays that cause you to run the air conditioner longer, and they don’t trap heat in the apartment in the winter months. You’ll keep the heater on longer to warm up the room as a result, because there’s nothing to stop the heat from escaping.

How It Works

Window films are thin sheets that you apply to the windows. The film on the glass stops sunlight from entering the apartment the same as before. It blocks out UV radiation, reduces glare and blocks out heat. Each product has it’s own adhesive application that’s included in it, but installation is straightforward. You can apply them on single glaze windows, or inside double glaze windows. If you go with standard window films, you have to be prepared for less light entering the room, which tends to make your apartment dark. You can opt to buy more expensive spectrum selective films, which will allow more light to enter the apartment.

Saving Money on Heating and Cooling Bills

You’ll reduce your air conditioning load when you use window film. The main reason why you turn on the air conditioner is because of the light that’s directed through the windows. If you reduce that amount, then your apartment will be cooler. The same is true for your heating bills. When you buy window film that’s designed to retain the heat, then you’ll reduce your heating load. You’ll leave the central heating or other heating source on less, because the apartment feels warm.

Protects Fading

Your furniture won’t fade as much when you use window film, which is an added benefit, in addition to saving energy. Some of your furnishings may be sensitive to ultra-violet exposure from direct sunlight. The film protects the furnishings, by blocking out those UV rays. Your furnishings will last longer as a result.

It’s important to know that window film that’s applied incorrectly or to the wrong kind of windows can cause cracks and damage. Review the manufacturer’s description carefully for window requirements before you make a purchase. Saving energy is great, but losing your security depos it over damaged windows is not.

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