How to Reduce Electricity Consumption when Cleaning

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One way to reduce electricity consumption in your apartment to save money and lessen your negative impact on the environment is to make a point of cleaning in ways that will consume less energy than popular methods. It doesn’t take much to cut back on your electricity consumption when you clean in the following ways:

Hand Wash and Dry the Dishes

Dishwashers may be convenient, but they essentially waste a lot of electricity and water to do a job that you’re capable of doing yourself, particularly if you live in an apartment and don’t have a large family. Dishwashers aren’t entirely effort-free in any case, as often they require that you scrub the dishes before you load them in and they sometimes don’t get dishes dry enough and you have to wipe them with a towel or hang them on a dish rack.

Hand washing dishes isn’t as cumbersome as you might think, particularly if you use a dish rack to dry the dishes. Just taking the effort to fill a tub in your sink with soap water, scrubbing the dishes with a sponge and then hanging the dishes on a rack can reduce electricity consumption by an average of $10 to $15 per month. If you don’t want to wash the dishes by hand, even just stopping the dishwasher before it gets to the drying cycle and letting the dishes dry by air can cut back on your consumption a little, as the heating process comprises much of the electricity the dishwasher wastes.

Lay the Vacuum Aside to Sweep and Dust

While it won’t hurt to vacuum your apartment top to bottom once in a while since a vacuum’s brushes can dig deep into carpet fibers, if you cut back your vacuuming to once a week or once every other week, you can reduce electricity consumption. Between vacuum uses, sweep and dust instead. If you always sweep and dust your hard surfaces, you can entirely eliminate the need for a vacuum on anything but your carpets and rugs.

Sweeping and dusting doesn’t have to involve just pushing aside dust with a rag or a broom and pan, either. Advances in cleaning products include a sweeper with disposable, clingy pads to easily get crumbs, pet hair, dust and dirt. These same clingy, disposable pads come in smaller forms for dusting shelves and knickknacks.

When Cleaning Clothes, Skip the Dryer

Clothes are one of the things you clean most frequently in your apartment, perhaps more than the apartment itself. It’s also one of the greatest energy-wasting types of cleaning, particularly because of the dryer. A dryer adds $10 to $20 to your utility bill each month, so cutting out the dryer will help you reduce electricity consumption somewhat significantly. Instead, invest in a clothes line and hang the clothes on your balcony, over the dryer or in the bathtub.

It can be easy for you to reduce electricity consumption when cleaning if you hand wash your dishes, sweep and dust more often than you vacuum, and hang dry your clothes instead of using a dryer. Cutting back in little ways can lead to a lot of savings in the long term–and it also makes you an environmentally-friendly, responsible person.

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