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Adding a Roommate to the Rental Agreement

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Roommate selection can be difficult enough, but adding a roommate to your rental agreement puts you in an even more awkward position for finding your roommate, and then persuading the front office to allow him onto the lease. Typically, your lease agreement will only provide for those signing the lease at the beginning of the lease […] read more

Roommate Rehab: 5 Dispute Resolution Strategies

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Dispute resolution is an essential part of sharing an apartment with roommates. If you fail to effectively communicate with your roommates, you could come to dread being in your own home. Slacking roommates who don’t take their responsibilities seriously or pay on time could even get you kicked out of your apartment if you find […] read more

Roommate Rehab: Managing Loud Roommates

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Loud roommates can make enjoying your apartment virtually impossible. Whether they play loud music, crank the TV way up or just shout too often, noisy roommates can make sleeping, studying, working and just relaxing at home a pain. Still, an angry confrontation can make everything worse, so learn the best ways to manage boisterous roommates. […] read more

4 Common Problems When Living with Friends

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After years of living under your parents’ rule, living with friends seems like it’ll be a non-stop party, but along with new freedoms comes greater responsibility, and not all of your friends may be up to the task. One of the most common roommate problems is rooming with friends. Think It Over Living with friends […] read more

Roommate Privacy: Setting Boundaries Early

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If you’re renting an apartment with a roommate, it goes without saying that you’ll have to sacrifice some of your personal privacy. You can’t share a living space with another person and not have some overlap during the course of your daily life. That doesn’t mean you have to share every moment with them, and […] read more

Find a Roommate Using Social Networking Sites

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Need to find a roommate but don’t know any friend, family member or co-worker who is looking for a new home? Perhaps you want to spread your wings and meet new people, but the idea of posting a classified and advertising for a stranger to live with you seems a little frightening. Finding a roommate […] read more

Making the Jump from Roommate to Romance

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So your roommate is funny, thoughtful, attractive and everything you’re looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. You find yourself fantasizing about him or her and it’s starting to get difficult to pretend like nothing has changed. You’re not the only one to face these kinds of roommate problems, but you’d be wise to consider […] read more

Sharing an Apartment: The Pros and Cons of Living with Family

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Sharing an apartment with a family member (or two) can be both a relief and a cause of stress. In the end, your experience living with a family roommate depends largely on the character of that family member and you. The pros and cons of cohabitating with a family member include: Pro 1. An Understanding […] read more

Sharing an Apartment: The Pros and Cons of Living with a Co-Worker

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Sharing an apartment with a co-worker can be either a positive or a negative experience. If a co-worker approaches you with the idea of living together, make sure you think the decision through. Before you decide to move in, debate the pros and cons of cohabitation with a co-worker, which include: Pro 1. A Responsible […] read more