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Living with Roommates: Refrigerator Etiquette

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The refrigerator.  It’s such a small place but it s also a place that deserves a conversation when living with roommates. Try laying down some ground rules and establish refrigerator etiquette sooner than later. Putting off this conversation may lead to frustration, fights and miscommunication. Good fridge etiquette can be simply and easy, because it’s […] read more

Confronting Your Roommates about Sexual Activity

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Confronting your roommates about disruptive sexual activity can be a delicate, perhaps even embarrassing, topic to broach. However, you have the right to feel comfortable in your own apartment, so you’ll have to speak with your roommates so that the living arrangements are fair for everyone. Sitting Your Roommate Down Since the topic of sexual […] read more

Significant Other Moving In? Learning to Adjust

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Is your significant other moving in? Learning to adjust may be one of the hardest things you think will be easy. When you have your own place and are spending more time with your loved one than you are on your own, the idea of moving in together and getting married may seem exciting. However, […] read more

Shared Accomodations: How to Be a Good Roommate

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When you are in a situation demanding shared accommodations, there are certain requirements to make it a pleasant living environment. If everyone in the apartment follows these common rules and actions, it stands a good chance of being a peaceful and enjoyable place to live. Respect Each Other’s Property This concept was taught to us […] read more

Five Tips to Be an Easy Roommate to Live With

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When taking to steps to being an easy roommate to live with, common sense dictates many actions. Rules that were learned as children come into play as adults. The kind of roommate you are can make or break any shared living arrangement. Be sure to go the extra mile to be an easy roommate to […] read more

How to Find a Roommate who Isn’t Crazy

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Once in awhile the news reports a story about a crazy roommate who has done this or that. It can shake people up, making it kind of scary to find a roommate. If you are looking for a stranger to share your living space with the best thing to do is prepare and beware. Figure out Who Suits […] read more

5 Things to Look for in Room Rentals

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Approach room rentals the same way you would an apartment search. The process is basically the same, but renting a room in a house does make a difference. Here are 5 things to look for: 1. Amenities What are the amenities available? For example, if you need Internet access for work or school, you’ll want […] read more

4 Safe and Fun Roommate Pranks

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Roommate pranks can make living together fun. You never want to play a prank that will anger your roommate or cause hurt feelings. On the other hand, you don’t want to miss out opportunities to make them (and you) laugh out loud. Use your best judgment as you try one or more of these 4 […] read more

5 Activities that Foster Roommate Bonding

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Bonding with your roommate is important for emotional, mental and safety reasons. You need to get to know who you share your living space with. If you’re just strangers passing by, paying rent together, you’ll mistrust your roommate and open the door for conflicts. Try these 5 activities to foster bonding, and to help build […] read more