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How to Handle Your Roommate’s Pet

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If you like animals but aren't ready for the responsibility of owning your own pet yet, having a pet owner for a roommate can seem like a great deal. You benefit from many of the perks of having a pet with a fraction of the responsibility. Of course, things don't always go smoothly. Your stuff is just as vulnerable as your roommate's is to cat scratches and stains from dog urine. If your roommate's hamster escapes its cage, it becomes your problem as well. When you agree to live with someone who has a pet, it's best to figure out where to draw the line of responsibility before things go wrong. read more

Your Pet and Travel: Leaving Your Dog at Your Apartment

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A pet and travel don’t always go together; if you’re unable (or unwilling) to take your dog along with you on your next trip, you’ll have to make arrangements so that she’s well taken care of. However, dog kennels can be costly as well as stressful for your dog. Instead, consider leaving your dog at […] read more

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Non-Pet Owners Living in Pet Friendly Apartments

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If you’re moving or considering moving into pet friendly apartments and you don’t have a pet yourself, you may think whether or not your complex allows pets should make no difference to you. However, it’s important that you consider issues you may have to face as a non-pet owner in an apartment that allows pets. […] read more

The Case for Reptile Terrariums

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No matter what type of reptile you have, whether it’s a snake, a lizard or even a turtle, you can make him feel right at home in a reptile terrarium. A terrarium can create an environment for your reptile that’s conducive to his needs as well as your own concern for his overall care. After all, […] read more