Five Tips to Be an Easy Roommate to Live With

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When taking to steps to being an easy roommate to live with, common sense dictates many actions. Rules that were learned as children come into play as adults. The kind of roommate you are can make or break any shared living arrangement. Be sure to go the extra mile to be an easy roommate to get along with.

1. Respect The Privacy of the Roommate

If your friend’s phone is ringing, let it go to voice mail. It is likely that the caller is not trying to reach you. If the roommate leaves an item of his in the common areas, refrain from using or viewing the item. If it is his, then it is not yours, and his privacy should be respected. Basically, respect the privacy of your roommate by not being in his business. His personal life, habits and items should all be his own.

2. Don’t Be a Slob

It is not as important that your room stays clean, as it is that you do your part to keep the common rooms clean. Helping with the cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen and living room is a responsibility you have as a roommate. There is nothing worse that two or three people sharing a house, and only one person does all the cleaning. Participation in the daily chores will help ensure your popularity with the roommate(s).

3. Pay Bills on Time

This is probably the most important factor on the checklist. Paying rent and utility bills on time will not only keep you in good standing with the landlord, but your roommate as well. Money is a subject that many fights start over, and this can be avoided simply by making sure you stay current on your rental debts.

4. Abide by the Golden Rule

This rule was instilled in us as children, and should be applied in adulthood. It is basic, “Do Unto Others”. In other words, treat people the way you want to be treated. Don’t steal, cheat, or lie and be nice. Even if you are not friends with him, be congenial. Help make the apartment a peaceful and comfortable place. You don’t have to be best friends with him, but do treat him with respect and kindness.

By following this guide, you will be off to a great start as a roommate. Sharing living spaces can be difficult, and both parties have to try. It can be done though with a little work and effort.

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