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How to Handle Your Roommate’s Pet

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If you like animals but aren't ready for the responsibility of owning your own pet yet, having a pet owner for a roommate can seem like a great deal. You benefit from many of the perks of having a pet with a fraction of the responsibility. Of course, things don't always go smoothly. Your stuff is just as vulnerable as your roommate's is to cat scratches and stains from dog urine. If your roommate's hamster escapes its cage, it becomes your problem as well. When you agree to live with someone who has a pet, it's best to figure out where to draw the line of responsibility before things go wrong. read more

Weird Pets Found in Apartments

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Most apartments that accept pets focus on cats and dogs—animals generally left lose to wreak unlimited havoc on apartments. But what about unusual pets that spend most of their time caged? Here’s an article on animals that may be more attractive to your landlord than dogs that like to dig or cats that like to scratch. Read on and maybe you’ll find your perfect animal match! read more