How to Handle Your Roommate’s Pet

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If you like animals but aren’t ready for the responsibility of owning your own pet yet, having a pet owner for a roommate can seem like a great deal. You benefit from many of the perks of having a pet with a fraction of the responsibility. Of course, things don’t always go smoothly. Your stuff is just as vulnerable as your roommate’s stuff is to cat scratches and stains from dog urine. If your roommate’s hamster escapes its cage, it becomes your problem as well.

Determining Responsibility of the Pet(s)

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When you agree to live with someone who has a pet, it’s best to figure out where to draw the line of responsibility before things go wrong. Most people correctly assume that the pet owner is completely responsible for the care and upkeep of his or her pet. However, if you love animals and don’t mind doing your roommate a favor, you may have assumed some responsibilities of your own, such as taking the dog for a walk or taking the cat to the vet when your roommate is busy. If your responsibilities are now shared, you need to be extremely clear about where yours end and your roommate’s begin.

For instance, who is responsible if your roommate’s dog bites someone while you are walking it? Should you replace a goldfish that dies under your care when your roommate is on vacation? You may also assume that the pet owner is responsible for all pet-related costs, all the time. But if you have started to think of your roommate’s dog as your own, your roommate may assume that the two of you are in this together, sharing responsibilities as well as costs. It’s important to be clear about what you are willing to do and what you aren’t.

Spend enough time living with a dog or cat and something is bound to be destroyed. Generally, if your roommate’s pet ruins something that belongs to you, your roommate should pay to replace it. Things get more complicated when you’ve been irresponsible with your things. If you leave expensive gourmet cookies on a table within reach of the dog, chances are that they’ll be eaten. Though you may feel you have the right to leave your things wherever you like, remember that you did decide to live with a pet, even if you don’t actually own it. Don’t be surprised if your roommate doesn’t feel culpable if you should have been more responsible to begin with.

Dealing With Troublesome Pets

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Most people know understand the daily hazards of living with an animal. If you love them, you’re probably willing to assume a certain amount of risk. But what should you do if it turns out that your roommate’s pet has a serious behavior problem?

“I found a roommate on craigslist,” said Becky, a student in San Francisco. “I moved into the place she already occupied with her dog, a Lab-Shepherd mix. The dog jumped all over me and ran around like crazy when I visited the place, but she told me that it was just excited because I was a new person.”

A dog-lover, Becky happily agreed to rent on a month-to-month basis. “Thank God I didn’t sign a lease,” she said. “The jumping and running around was just the beginning. The dog had a serious behavior problem, and my roommate just wasn’t willing to do anything about it. I moved out after two months.”

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, there may be little that you can do besides leave. Most pet owners (rightly) feel a strong sense of responsibility for their pets and will do whatever they can to avoid parting with them. Asking your roommate to get rid of a hyperactive dog or aggressive cat probably won’t go over well. However, he may be more receptive if you can suggest some possible solutions that don’t involve giving the pet away. Some ideas include bitter-tasting sprays for pets that like to chew furniture, citronella collars and other products to control barking, the number of a local dog walker, or new toys for a cat that likes to scratch. If you show that you’re looking for a solution that will work for both of you, your roommate will be more apt to tackle the problem constructively.

Of course, a situation like Becky’s may not have a solution. Before you agree to live with someone else’s pet, make sure you feel comfortable with the animal’s behavior. Make a few visits before you sign a lease, or agree to a month-to-month basis until you’re sure that you can live with the animal.

On the other hand, if you are a pet owner yourself, you’re lucky to have found a roommate who is willing to live with a pet that isn’t his. You’ll have to be extra responsible to ensure that your roommate enjoys living with your pet. If something goes wrong, the responsibility will almost always land in your lap. Even if your roommate offers to pay for a damaged item or tells you not to worry about something your pet did, it’s better to insist on paying for any damage. Remember that your roommate may just be trying to be polite. Keep the relationship positive by assuming all responsibility for your pet.

Have you found yourself in a difficult pet-related situation? Do you have a pet problem you can’t solve? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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  1. November 05, 2007 at 2:16 pm, Guest said:

    My sister moved in in August of this year with her 8 year old son and a 1 year old lab/shetter mix. I have a dog and a cat so having an extra animal in the house didn’t seem like a bad idea. Boy was I wrong… She contantly barks and bounces all over the place knocking my stuff down. If that’s not annoying enough she is still not house broken. On a weekly basis she will either poop or pee in her kennel while we’re both at work. On days we’re home she will poop on my floor if my sister leaves. My guess would be that she has separation anxiety of some sort. I love animals but I have reached a point in which I just can’t even stand the dog anymore. I’m sure the dog senses it now because she has pooped and peed in front of my bedroom door while everyone was at home. She gets really mad I keep the door closed and do not let her in there. She also has poor habits of jumping on counters, stealing my just made breakfast/lunch/dinner and she has scratched 3 of my doors, including a screen door. It doesn’t do any good to replace the doors at this point, she’ll just ruing them too. This dog also chewed up a pair of my shoes. My frustration comes from the way my sister trains the dog. It’s non-existent. I have now asked her to get rid of her dog or move out and she thinks she is choosing to move out. I’m not sure when/if this will take place and it makes me sad. I wish there’s something I could’ve done but I’m tired of having my house smell like dog poop and pee. I know it’s unfair to ask a person to get rid of their pet but I can’t handle the dog anymore.


  2. December 09, 2007 at 6:32 pm, Guest said:

    Difficult topic- Roommates and dogs… My roommate thinks my dog is his and crosses the line ALL THE TIME. Feeding my dog table food, training the dog, letting the dog sleep with him in his bed, taking the dog to the park without consulting me etc.. I need to move out because of it.

    Try to avoid apartments that have dogs in them with roommates.. it just causes so much drama!


  3. January 31, 2008 at 12:24 am, Guest said:

    My roommate does a poor job in taking care of his dog and cleaning up after his dog.

    The dog is a large, active breed type- a German Shepherd mix. The dog is not well trained- it cannot be allowed to roam around the apartment without constant supervision. You cannot even step out of the room to use the bathroom! The dog is frequently is only taken out twice a day to use the bathroom, for 5-10 minute walks. The dog also whines excessively and will either whine or bark at my roommate for attention whenever he walks by.

    Also, my roommate keeps the dog gated into the kitchen but does not sweep or mop the kitchen to keep it clean of dog fur- only once in 4 months. And does not vacuum the other common areas the dog is frequently in- again only once in 4 months.

    How can I convince my roommate to either take better care of the dog or get rid of the dog so it can have a better life? As much as I like dogs, his dog is not my responsibility and I don’t want to make the dog my responsibility. I don’t mind taking it out occasionally or giving the dog water, but I don’t have the time or energy to have his dog relying on me.


    • October 16, 2016 at 6:19 am, Abby said:

      > Oh my goodness! I have the same problem except I also own a dog and my roommate claims that all the fur around the house is hers, not his dogs. On top of that, his dog is so aggressive to others dogs that enter the home. Like, trying to kill them aggressive.


    • February 01, 2017 at 3:53 pm, Emma-Louise Salter said:

      I have same problem! It's driving my partner and I insane, we both had to move to a new city for his job and had to rehome our mastiff and boxer with family our dogs have always been well trained and behaved so when we found a lovely women looking for a few housemates we moved in. She has two dogs which I thought would be great because I missed having ours around but boy was I wrong! These dogs have zero discipline don't get me wrong they are spoilt rotten by her but they walk all over her they pee and poo all through the house! She leaves the door open all day so they come and go as they please I can't even bring myself to sit on the couch because it's covered in dog hair and dirt! One constantly jumps on me and I'm 18 weeks pregnant and when we went back to visit family for a weekend we came back and they had busted into our room covered our bed in dirt and hair and chewed my partners Xbox! We are at breaking point


  4. February 04, 2008 at 3:49 am, Guest said:

    I have virtually the exact same problem with my roommate.

    Is there someone with any advice out there?

    Let us know!


  5. February 25, 2008 at 4:39 pm, Guest said:

    i have a weird problem. I have a little 6 month old corgi. she doesn’t chew or bite or bark or jump on people. she is friendly and inquisitive and rarely strays from my room. she sheds a bit and i have been vaccuuming common areas once a week and sweeping the kitchen twice a day for upkeep, My roommates and landlord all gave me verbal consent to keep her in the apartment, she has been here since february ninth 2008 and is finally comfortable in her new home after a long stay in a pet store. the only time she peed in the house she peed on a rug i own and was promptly cleaned up. she pooped once in a roommates room and i was more upset than she was, also promptly cleaned up and no problems since. now one roommate’s parent (we are all between 19 – 21 in college) is freaking out about the dog being here.

    is there anything i can do to keep her? noone has allergies, and the landlord is avoiding getting involved, the girl and her parent both refuse to speak to me directly. any advice would be great.


  6. April 06, 2008 at 11:07 pm, Guest said:

    My roommate convinced me to let her adopt a dachshund. The dog is really cute and she does most of the caring for him. He also sleeps in her bed (a dependency issue I worried about from the beginning). The problem is she has just started seeing someone who lives in another part of town and whose building does not allow dogs, and has already told me that it is not realistic for her to sleep at home every night but the dog is incredibly needy (whines and cries when he is not given constant attention) and won’t sleep in my bed. She suggests I leave the dog in the living room overnight and let him sleep in his dog bed, but he barks when there are people in the hallway of our apartment building and I worry that this behavior will keep both me and my neighbors awake. Should I try it anyway, and then upon threat of eviction force her to come up with a more creative solution, or should I just move out when my lease is up in September? Or should I try to sleep with the dog in my bed? I also should note that my roommate is a very good friend of mine, and we get along extremely well; this is the one point of contention. Please help!


  7. May 22, 2008 at 7:38 pm, Guest said:

    Both me and my roomate each have our own dogs. She adoped her dog from the pound while I got mine from a breeder. The only problem I have with her dog is it is SO agressive with my dog!!! It will bite her, growl at her for no reason, …. I have to keep my dog locked up in my room all day while her dog gets to run around the living room. (I can’t keep her in the living room bc her dog will start biting my dog on the neck and shaking my dog while he is gripping her neck). My dog will start yelping in pain.
    I’m assuming her dog has some sort of agression problems with other dogs, and I wish she would take it to some sort of trainer to get things situated. She keeps saying “oh that’s how dogs just play”. I’ve grown up with many dogs and other animals, and they do not play that agressive. Her dog has also tried to bite other people and one time I took her dog to the bathroom down the block for her and the dog tried to bite a child!


  8. June 20, 2008 at 2:53 pm, Guest said:

    i have a cat and i for no goddamn reason at all…. suddenly my roommate came home with cat food… and began feeding my cat…. i was INSTANTLY offended…HERE IS SOME ROOMMATE ETIQUETTE….. FEEDING YOUR ROOMMATE’S PET WHEN YOU HAVENT BEEN ASKED IS LIKE FEEDING SOMEONE’S CHILD WHEN YOU HAVENT BEEN ASKED.
    now he’s gonna think im an asshole cause im gonna say… dont feed my cat man. now.. if i mistreated or didnt feed my animal… i can see him saying something… but to just start feeding my cat.. chapped my ass.


  9. July 11, 2008 at 1:01 pm, Guest said:

    My roommates and I decided to get a dog to ensure our protection. We moved out of that house and into a new house with a backyard. Although I don’t keep my dog outside at all times, she does like to be outside. However, since my roommate treats the backyard like a storage unit, the dog always gets into things of hers. I’ve talked to my roommate about not leaving her stuff outside, but to no avail theres always new things outside. I don’t feel responsible for these damages because I already talked ot her about it. It makes it ten times harder to train a dog not to get into things when there is ample space to get into trouble when not around.Its so frustrating because I am extra clean and try my best not to be “the roommate with a dog”, but my roommate has no regard for the dog even though we got it together…..its even more annoying because she says she loves it and would love to take it if I were to give the dog up–YEAH RIGHT


  10. August 16, 2008 at 3:38 pm, Guest said:

    My roommate has had her puppy for 7 months now and it is still not potty trained! I love animals but am not home enough to really help with her dog. This poor thing is stuck outside on our small patio from 11am to 1am (that is not a typo) with only one walk a day. She does not get up before 10:30, so she essentially showers, puts the dog on the patio and leaves. Since the dog does not get out in the morning it pees all over her room. I can actually smell the stench from the living room! Last week, it had gotten into some treats and had diarrhea all over her room….she said she didn’t feel like cleaning it!!! Now she has a new boyfriend (which is a whole nother issue) and she is home even less! One day, she was actually gone from 12 in the afternoon and did not return untill 1 in the afternoon the following day!

    I have discussed with her about getting the dog training lessons and paying more attention to her dog, however she will decided to shape up for about 2 days and then we are back to square one. She finally decided to get the dog “training lessons” where she hired some guy off of craigs list for a single 2 hour session and then never practices the tactics he taught her.

    I am honestly at my wits end! To top it all off, she kills her betta fish because she “forgot” to feed it for two weeks and then leaves it and the bowl on our dining room table for a month! I had to tell her three times that she needed to throw out the fish. So what does she do? She scoops the fish out of the bowl (which is now down to about an inch of bubbly rotty water) and leaves the bowl on the table!

    Any help would be appreciated. I am actually trying to get her to move out (like I said, boyfriend is a totally different and terrifying issue) but she refuses. I really don’t want to loose our current place since I was the one who found it and it is litterally about a 10 minute walk to my work (where as it is a 30 minute drive to hers) but I just don’t know what to do to stop her from abusing her dog anymore. Please Help!


  11. August 21, 2008 at 2:40 pm, Guest said:

    I have been in similar situations. unfortunately, short of teaching your roommate lessons in responsibility and accountability that her parents should’ve thought her years ago, there is not much you can do. The best advice I have is to change your living situation as soon as possible, whether that means moving out or asking her to move out asap. Hopefully you’re not involved in too long a rental agreement. If it would make you feel any better, go ahead and show her this strangers post. I have no reason take a side, and maybe she’ll realize that and stop acting like a child and start cleaning up her messes. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get though to these people, because being able to take criticism is something that come with maturity, which your roommate obviously lacks. Good Luck.


  12. September 25, 2008 at 7:21 pm, Guest said:

    I have a similar problem. my roommate has a cat. I can’t stand cats in the first place. but this cat just happened to pee on the floor more then once while living in the apt for two years. Cat pee just doesn’t come out of carpet. it seeps into the lower carpet pads and the smell is unbelievable. very gross. when we move out, the landlord will charge us for the carpet. thats going to be our security deposit and then some. I will be taking my roommate to court for my lost half. we are both on the lease and the cat is his. I was smart though. I started taking pictures of the damage done by the cat right away and video recording the cat also on my digital camera. some cell phones do the same thing. if you didn’t take pictures and you are no longer living together. is there someway to contact him to find out if he still owns this pet? take him to court! thats the only way your going to get your lost half the the security deposit back.


  13. October 10, 2008 at 5:13 am, Guest said:

    I’m roomates with my cousin who is irresponsible and untrustworthy. I have two cats that I’ve had for 8 years and she new this before we moved in, so we have lived together for 17 months when she suddenly brings home 4 rescued kittens she finds a home for 2 and without consulting me keeps 2. I let her know this is wrong and she should have talked to me about it she got pissy and of course ended up keeping them. well i softened toward them and put up with them and grew attached. all of a sudden i come out of my room and find out with much questioning that she got rid of them without letting me say goodbye, 4 months of adapting and she thoughtlessly does that? so selfish, but i know that the kittens are better off not being stuffed up in her hot room all day and night as she is never here. now if i can just get her to wash the comforter she borrowed without asking and her cat pissed on that will be great. if my comforter is ruined should she pay for it?


  14. November 13, 2008 at 5:32 am, Guest said:

    you want some cheese with that whine


  15. March 03, 2009 at 7:33 am, Casey said:

    My roommate broke up with her boyfriend in the end of last year, and I guess to deal with, or take her mind off of the pain, she got a dog. While I was out of town. Which I was fine with. I had no initial problem with her getting a pet. I love animals and was excited at first. She was so good with him. She woke up everyday with him and took him outside (We live in an apartments complex, so just opening the door and letting him run isn’t an option). Things have without a doubt, gone downhill. Slowly, she started to wake up, take him out, and then fall back asleep on the couch while he ran around, chewed on things, knocked the trash over and dragged it everywhere. Now she rarely wakes up to take him out, and if she does, she comes right back inside and goes straight back to bed. When she neglects to take him out, he goes where he pleases and its absolutely disgusting. It stinks up the entire apartment. I can’t even stand to be in her bedroom because of the smell. My roommate REALLY likes to go out and party. She’s recently discovered this about herself and just can’t get enough of going to the bars. Literally almost every night. And has built the habit of not coming home-staying at friends houses closer to the bar. Leaving myself and another roommate to take full responsibility of the little guy. I feel however, that myself and my other roommate are extremely responsible with him. Especially when we didn’t want a pet. We understand pets are a lot of work. We didn’t want the responsibility. Taking care of ourselves was already enough work. I think so far this week, we’ve taken him to the dog park 3 times. Again, living in an apartment isn’t a great thing for him considering he can’t run around freely and play. We feed him, we (unfortunately) have to clean up after him. I’m woken up almost everyday (at least the days the roommate decides to come home) by her yelling at him and telling him he’s a bad dog (when he’s really not) because he wants to play and run around, but all she wants to do is sleep. I’m generally always a very happy person, and it takes a lot to get me mad… but when I’m woken up almost everyday because she’s yelling at him, I’m not too excited. It’s gotten to the point where I open her door, take the dog out and put him in my room just so I don’t have to listen to her yell. All with her watching me. You’d think it would bother her, but it clearly doesn’t. And the funny thing is, when he’s in my room, he curls up right next to me and sleeps like an angel…all because of a little belly scratching. He just needs attention and some love. I’d say thats 95% of having a pet…sure you have to feed it, and walk it, and bathe it, but give it some love and they’ll love you forever. The little dog has no respect for her and probably wonders why he’ll listen to my commands and my OTHER roommates commands, but does the complete opposite with her. I’m at my breaking point. Take responsibility, or find someone who wants to.


  16. April 26, 2009 at 4:18 am, C**O said:

    I have a roommate who has a yorkie and at first I thought she would not be that bad due to my well behaved rottie. My dog has been trained to not jusmp on the couches, go in any of the rooms and jump on people, he really listens very well. My roommates dog is not trained, she pees using a pee pad and never really pees on it just around it. She stays locked up in my laundry room and I have just about had it with the smell and the mess. My dog tries to play woth her but she is too grumpy and always barks and snaps at him…come on my dog is a rottie, like he really should be scared of a tea cup yorkie! Well o guess the dog knows I don’t like her because she is used to jumping on couches, begging for food, going in the rooms and who knows what else…and my dog does none. So this is really irritating I have about had it with this dog…she continues to poop in my office and in my room, why does she only do it in my area? My friend told me it was because she knew I do not like her. Can some answer my question about this? I really can’t stand this dog!!!!!!!!


  17. April 26, 2009 at 4:22 am, ces said:

    I have a roommate who has a yorkie and at first I thought she would not be that bad due to my well behaved rottie. My dog has been trained to not jump on the couches, go in any of the rooms and jump on people, he really listens very well. My roommates dog is not trained, she pees using a pee pad and never really pees on it just around it. She stays locked up in my laundry room and I have just about had it with the smell and the mess. My dog tries to play with her but she is too grumpy and always barks and snaps at him…come on my dog is a rottie, like he really should be scared of a tea cup yorkie! Well o guess the dog knows I don’t like her because she is used to jumping on couches, begging for food, going in the rooms and who knows what else…and my dog does none. So this is really irritating I have about had it with this dog…she continues to poop in my office and in my room, why does she only do it in my area? My friend told me it was because she knew I do not like her. Can some answer my question about this? I really can’t stand this dog!!!!!!!!


  18. August 05, 2009 at 2:33 am, crast said:

    i live in an apartment complex which has a VERY strict no-pets policy. the penalties are very harsh, including paying for a complete carpet replacement and a $2,000 fine if they find pets one time.

    a friend in need of a place to live came to stay in our extra bedroom for a few months and brought his dog. no one asked me if this was OK, but the dog is extremely well-trained and has short hair, so i didn’t mind terribly as long as he took care of him and kept him out of view of the rental company. now, however, my other roommate has brought a 6 month old puppy home, again, without asking anyone if they thought it was OK! she is at work for 8 hours a day as well as at her boyfriend’s house most nights. she leaves the dog in a spare room by himself and i have to take him out a few times a day – it’s a puppy, he needs to go outside and can’t be locked in a room all day. i can’t believe that we have two dogs in a tiny flat that is not supposed to have any pets at all. i am really worried that we will be discovered and fined, and i want no part of paying the $2,000+ because of it. does anyone know a way to avoid paying for roommate’s pets?


  19. August 10, 2009 at 11:27 am, Unknown said:

    I too live with an irresponsible roommate who has too big a dog for an inside two bedroom apt. When I agreed to live with her and her dog I had only met her dog once – MISTAKE #1. He was an active dog playing fetch in her parents backyard and loved to give kisses – (which I hate dogs licking me GROSS!) who is now depressed, lonely and mopes around the apt because his MOTHER only takes him out to pee and poop once or if he is lucky twice a day for about a 5-10 minutes walk – TOPS and then leaves to galavant the town. I really care less how she treats her own pet but when it starts to effect me because the DAB leaves him home nightly and he barks in the middle of the night and it wakes me up. I then have to get up and go tell the dog to SHUT THE HELL UP! Then go back to bed – try to fall back to sleep and before I know it the alarm is going off and my sleep is all jacked up because of her DAB a**! I have told her numerous times – hey your dog woke me up again in the middle of the night – can you take him with you when you’re not coming home at night…she did twice, but it went right out the door. NOT ONLY is that the problem – SHE IS FILTHY only showers herself once a week so can you imagine the filth on the dog! DISGUSTING!!!! BATHE YOU FILTHY MESS! Also, can you imagine the hair I have to sweep up daily…holy shit! I never knew….I tell her shave the dog – there wont be so much hair around- she replies he’s not that type of dog to be shaved….well you fricken DAB don’t shave him bald! Just trim him like you would your pubes if you showered! Geesh I am in a lease and counting the days (91)…I would ask for some advise but at this point I think I can only count the days and hope for the best. Thanks for reading!


  20. August 10, 2009 at 10:58 pm, Alex said:

    I just moved into this cute little apartment and my roommate has a dog. It’s a cute little dog and I like it… but now she’s asking me to walk her dog for her if she’s out to dinner or with her friends. She has a dog walker. Now, I like this dog and dogs in general but I don’t want to be walking a dog… if I did I would get a dog to love and care for. I said no to her and now she’s like, you suck and maybe I’ll just have the dog to the bathroom in your room! Umm… help!


  21. October 27, 2009 at 2:25 pm, Eva said:

    I have a younger boxer who has always been very well behaved. She was always potty trained and very quiet and very friendly. I used to take her out hiking all the time and other, more aggressive dogs, would be pulling on the ends of their leashes barking at her and she would still be wagging her tail and trying to lick their faces. Then, I got a roommate. She has two un-spayed female PITBULL “rescue” dogs who were previously abused. My roommate is 21 years old and has never taken the EXTRA time and care into training her dogs, who are VERY aggressive. After she moved in we fed them and her dogs would always come up and snap at my dog and bite and growl at her when she went near food or water, so we had to start feeding them separately. My dog was always very submissive when the other dogs behaved like this and would just walk away. My roommates dogs were not potty trained and pooped and peed when left inside. My roommates dogs started to bark all the time when they were outside and my dog would (usually) just sit and watch them and not join in. Well, my roommate’s comments about all of this were that “My dog should just fight back when my dogs pick on her.” I didn’t really agree, I never ever wanted my dog to act aggressively as hers did, but I didn’t know how to approach the problem so I kept my mouth shut.

    Then one of her dogs tried to bite ME when I was cleaning her paws off and my roommate didn’t really care and just said “Oh, ya, I think something traumatizing happened to her paws before, she won’t even let me touch them.” We have been living together for 5 months now, and recently my dog has started absorbing her dogs behaviors. She now barks outside. She poops in the living room (which she NEVER did before), and just a few weeks ago she DID finally fight back when my roommates pitbulls started harassing her when she was eating. And it resulted in a SERIOUS SERIOUS dog fight, complete with blood and us pulling my roommates pitbulls off of my dog while they were ripping at her throat. It was terrifying. And when we had them separated my roommate said “Well I guess your dog finally got sick of it. Maybe they’ll stop doing it now.” NOT TRUE. They have gotten in many serious dog fights since then, my dog has tried ripping apart their throats while they were trying to rip apart hers, and now I’m just incredibly sad because my previously potty-trained, quiet, friendly dog has absorbed all of these HORRIBLE behaviors from my roommates untrained, abused, aggressive pitbulls. I’m still in school and have 2 months til I graduate, then I’m out.

    If I have learned ANYTHING from this situation it is that, as a pet owner, you need to be VERY careful about who you live with and whose pets you bring into your animals life because it can reverse years worth of training in a very short amount of time!!! You do NOT realize how much it will affect you to have a roommate with poorly trained or aggressive animals until you are actually there, experiencing it. I’m really concerned that when I move I’m going to have a really hard time reversing these behaviors in my dog, especially because these are the only other animals she’s ever lived with, and I hope she doesn’t think it’s natural interaction for dogs. 🙁 Has anyone else had something like this happen?


  22. November 03, 2009 at 9:01 pm, Terrible Person said:

    I am one of the most terrible people ever.

    My roommate of around 2yrs brought a stray cat from our last apartment. I agreed, the cat was so sad and pitiful, who could say no? I have two cats of my own at my permanent address, but didn’t want to bring them to my apartment because I could not take care of them properly, so they are in the care of parents who have the time.

    I was reluctant to say yes because I knew my roommate would not give her enough attention because she has to work a lot and she stays with her boyfriend every other night. If there were two cats to keep each other company, that would have been better. If I said no however, I am not really sure what would have happened. I might have had to find another roommate and at the time couldn’t really do that.

    My roommate brought the cat to our apartment without getting rid of the fleas first. It was an outdoor stray so it had lots. The fleas infested out new apartment, luckily I was going out of town due to some health issues so she took care of that by the time I got back.

    For a couple months now everything has been great. When I see the food/water bowl getting low I will chip in an make sure it’s always full. It seems my roommate doesn’t check it enough and I will often come home an it is empty and the cat will meow at me or after filling the bowl will run to it like it is really hungry.

    Today I was a person with good intentions that went terribly wrong. I feel awful when the cat is locked up in the apartment all day long by herself. She sits in the window sill longingly starring outside all day for days. I am sure she moves around occasionally, but I don’t think it is healthy for her to sit there for that many hours for weeks doing nothing.

    So this morning I thought it would be ok to try and take her outside to play in the yard, monitoring her of course. I live in a quiet apartment complex on the first floor and there are lots of grassy areas to go outside and sit in the shade. I carry her outside,she is calm and limp in my arms (something that I think is a big problem and makes me wonder what did someone do to her to make her so afraid or is that just the way she is?). I sit down with her still in my arms and she darts off. Scared to death I presume. I run after her as she runs to an outdoor stairwell not far from my door, she is meowing, she jumps up to a neighbor’s door then comes back at me. I almost grab her but she darts past me. We run around the building and then I lose her in the parking lot. I spend all day looking for her, handing out posters, etc.

    I called my roommate’s boyfriend to tell him what happened. My roommate had just left to visit her parents for the day a couple hours away. I tell him he can call her. He does and she comes back to do the same thing I had been doing for the past three hours. She is PISSED. I am a dumb ass and should have never try to take the cat outside.

    Now my roommate is pissed. I am anxious, exhausted, and guilty as hell. I skipped my classes for the day and am behind on my work now. To make matters worse my roommate just paid the pet deposit (5 months after she was supposed to after they found out the cat was here, which is understandable I would have done the same thing, however I didn’t want to have a cat here in the first place because of stuff like this). Even worse I took the collar off because it is kind of hard to pet a cat when there is a collar in the way, at least where she liked to be scratched, right around her neck. It was just a grey flea collar, not like it had here name on it which she doesn’t respond to anyway since she probably had another name before.

    So people have called and she might still come back, but it is still really awkward with my roommate. She gets pissed over the smallest stuff. She is passed pissed, she is livid…

    What do you guys think? We have done pretty much all we can do.

    Went to the old apartment that is like 2miles + away
    Put food/water out
    Have been by the door all day while searching and door is open

    I hope she makes it back, but I doubt my roommate will still be the same…

    I have done other stupid stuff like accidentally leaving the door cracked all day, luckily our neighbor kept and eye out. So, this might be the end of the line. Although, I am the last out of at least 3 roommates that had to move out because of her. So I guess we both have out faults and I just hope everything works out for the best.

    Man, I am such a dumb ass…!


  23. December 17, 2009 at 6:30 pm, Carpet Disaster said:

    I moved into a house with my boyfriend and two other roommates. One of them, the only other girl, has a 2 year old black lab. When I moved in, the dog was relatively well behaved, and I was under the impression that he got enough attention that he needed. I’ve lived here for about 2 months, and have recently found out that the carpet, which was NEW when the other roommates moved in has a large hole in it caused by the dog. Needless to say, I don’t want to lose my deposit because someone else’s dog did damage to the $1200 carpet. There is also urine stains on the carpet and furnature because the dog’s owner comes home maybe once or twice during the day-she’s gone from 7:30am until after midnight everyday! The dog never gets let out, and whines outside my door for attention constantly. The other two roommates agree that something has to be done about the dog, because the house is starting to reek like wet dog, and the owner refuses to clean anything. She avoids all knowledge of any mishaps involving her dog, even when he pees on the furniture, she just let’s it DRY! How can we go about this? Or should I just move?


  24. February 02, 2010 at 8:35 pm, Anonymous said:

    I moved in with my roommate a month ago. When she told me she had a bitch, I had no problem with that. I’ve had plenty pets in my life. I guess the problem started when I got in the car. I sat down and I didn’t know she was in the back seat… she tried to kill me. First off, she is a pit-bull and secondly she had never really met a man before. (My roommate is a lesbian… I’ll get to that later) The four hour drive to my new house was spotted with sporatic attacks from the back seat bitch. When I got home I started to unpack. I had left all my hung clothes on the hanger and set them on the floor. I was gone for no more than two min, came back and she was squatting on her apparent new doggie paper. I dared not yell at her at this point after being mauled all the way home. She got up and started growling until I left. My roomie got her and shut my room up. I wish she would have looked on the other side of my bed because I stepped in what looked like a pureed groundhog with my barefoot later that evening. Now a month later we have grown to love one another….no that’s not true. She has learned to love me. Now she humps only me and only my things. (She must have learned that from her mother). Unless I am locked in a room or she is dead tired from all the humping… she is on it. I was laying down on the couch on a date at the house. He got up and by the time he was in the kitchen the dog had jumped the one side, where it seems she was hiding, onto me and started humping me. When I sleep in the living room on the huge sectional I will wake up to her humping me at 6am. I mean I can now throw her from me with out being killed but one thing really bothered me. The other day I walked in my room and I found her humping my childhood bear, Paw, and biting his ear. I ran into the bathroom, got a cup of water and threw it on the sleeze. I can’t take it anymore!! BTW she just tried to hump me.


  25. May 30, 2010 at 1:50 pm, jc said:

    i have had an ongoing problem with my roommate not flushing her used tampons. she wraps them and puts them in the trash. my dog and her two cats get into the trash and tear them up all over the house. my roommate knows this is a problem but refuses to change her habits. she uses both bathrooms in the house and does not close the door. about a month ago my dog got very sick and had to have emergency stomach surgery. i asked my roommate if she saw my dog eat anything she shouldn’t have and she said nothing. when the surgery was over, the vet told me she had to remove 3 tampons from my dogs stomach and small intestines. when i told my roommate she admitted that she had known my dog had gotten into the trash that day because she found tampons on the ground when she got home. let me make it very clear that my dog does not get into the trash unless those are in there! my dog had a very hard time recovering and it was one of the most stressful times of my life. i had to miss 3 days of work and pay out $2500 in vet bills, medications and special foods. should i ask my roommate to cover 1/2 the bill? should i take her to small claims court if she refuses? i have to move out of the house because the vet told me i could not put my dog back in that situation.


  26. November 04, 2011 at 4:17 pm, Love mine, hate hers said:

    I moved in with a new roommate about a month ago and we each have a small dog. My dog is younger but is pretty well-behaved, and her Yorkie would be well-behaved except for two major issues. For one, the dog has ridiculous separation anxiety and is very clingy. Two, and this is much worse, is that the dog chews through everything like she’s a 100-lb. labrador. I can’t give her any toys or compressed rawhides because she tears through even the indestructible ones within hours. She has also torn huge holes in three items of my clothing, including a pair of designer jeans, and she tore about $50 worth of leashes, halters, etc. into pieces. My roommate babies this evil little beast. Meanwhile, I have to resist a strong urge to drop kick the dog whenever I see her.


  27. January 18, 2012 at 8:43 pm, Millie said:

    I have two pitts, and a shitsu mix. My roommates have a mini pomeranian. I accept that my dogs are the reason why the floor is always dirty (shedding and tracking mud from outside). My husband wants me to tell my roommates to clean the floors. I do want help but I cent help feeling it’s not their responsibility. Don’t know what to do. Another issue is this is my house and in a common area their dog is constantly growling and barking at my dogs. It really bothers me that my dogs can’t lay in peace.


  28. April 17, 2012 at 4:39 pm, Worried said:

    I have read almost all of these comments. I sympathize for all the roomies involved with irresponsible pet owners.I am also experiencing dread due to a roomies who has not trained her cat very well. She is a believer in ‘never ever punish your pet.’ I on the other hand, have two children,a dog and a cat…so discipline is first! My husband ans I have put a lot of time and effort into training our cat to never scratch or bite. You can do what ever you want to our cat, he’ll whine but he won’t hurt you. Same thing with our dog, you can take his food, lay on him, pull his ears or even spin him in circles! We did this because we have a 2 and 4 yr old. Our animals were trained to understand we’re dominant and we love them. End of story.

    Well….we recently moved in with my best friend….her can is so sweet and he is a chatter-box. We loved him; until he started randomly attacking our dog. Now…. we did a slow introduction of scent first (about a week) of him being in her room and smelling our dog through the door. Then we let him out with our dog. Our dog ignored him and he stared down our dog, hair risen and yada yada….within 2 weeks he was a lot more calm because our dog respects his boundaries. But……this fucking cat will hiden under the bed or/couch and slice our dog! He will be sleeping and the cat just scratches him. Now he is afraid to go near the cat. Our other cat has been giving our dog more grooming recently, so I think he is trying to reassure THEIR relationship. Lol

    But this cat walks around like he’s the boss now. It irritates my husband and I to see our dog so uneasy. Every time we discipline her cat she cries. -_- so I finally told her she can only have him out when we’re not home other wise he needs to stay in the room. She refuses to put him in his place, so he can’t be Living in harmony with usbecause she “doesn’t want to hurt him.” Fuck that. He doesn’t respect her, she’s his little bitch.

    Our cat comes, sits and goes when we say. I don’t even want to list how well-trained our dog is.

    Her cat needs a ripe kick ass.


  29. May 15, 2012 at 11:48 pm, Ro said:

    If only there was a way to test the IQ and maturity of potential pet owners…

    I have a cat. Roommate #1 assured me her cat was “so well behaved” and “would have no issue being around other cats”. Roomate #2 had a cat as well. Unfortunately, they are all “dominant” type cats. Almost a year later in the lease they still fight all the time. My cat having failed to take control is still scared to leave my room and I have to keep her litter and food in there with the door closed most of the time.

    Roomate #1’s cat liked to piss and shit everywhere except her litter box and for some reason she doesn’t see this “incontinence” as an issue. She would leave the mess to dry or until I beg for her to clean it up. Any blankets that get pissed on she’ll just toss halfway down the basement stairs and leave them there for days to get pissed on again and again. Trying to explain nicely over and over that it’s just plain disgusting to leave excrement on the floor all the time has gotten me nowhere. “Oh my god!” She would say “It’s not that big of a deal!”. Um, no. It is a big deal and I’ve had it with this place smelling like an outhouse! There is rotting wood in the dining room floor because if this! From time to time her cat would leave bloody stool and is seriously underweight. Despite the polite suggestions to take her cat to the vet, she says she can’t afford it, but can somehow afford to buy a PS3, a 300.00 doll and hotel share for an anime convention. Her cat is also the most ill behaved cat I have ever met and would even hiss at me for yelling to stop scratching the couch or to get off the table!

    She then decided she wanted a dog. I don’t mind dogs but roommate #2 and I knew this was a bad idea as she wouldn’t have time for a puppy when she started working again and going to school so we tried our best to talk her out of it and thought we succeeded. Despite our agreement, her mother rather knowingly got her a pug puppy for christmas that she couldn’t refuse.

    She of course showed no effort at all to housebreak the puppy and would leave dirty flyers all over her room for days and days that you can smell down the hallway. The times when the dog was taken outside, she would never go outside to clean up afterwards. She would wait until the yard was covered in landmines, and when I asked her to clean it, she would either use the excuse that it was frozen to the ground or bitch that it was perfectly normal to just leave it there! Despite the fact that the dog would also piss on the furniture she would still refuse my request to keep her off my couch.
    Puppy has maybe been taken for a walk 5 times since Christmas and out of boredom of watching mommy sit on her ass playing Final Fantasy all day, she has taken to chewing on everything. Including the kitty litter! Ick.

    Roomate #1 is now working in her hometown but will be paying her rent until the lease is up. She decided at first to only take the puppy and leave us to look after her cat until I convinced her otherwise a week later. She of course left Roommate #2 and I to clean up any mess she left behind.

    I guess I learned from this experience to never only take a potential roommate’s word for how their pet behaves and how they treat their pet. Get some other proof if possible. Think things thoroughly, make your expectations known, and make an escape plan in case things go downhill!


  30. June 27, 2012 at 7:08 pm, Rachel said:

    My roommate has two cats. Both are destructive and like to pee on beds and laundry. One I have adopted as my own and the other one is hers. Well my main complaint is that her cat is hell bent on gettIng out of the house and when she accidentally does my roommate gets pissed!!! We’re always fighting over this…. The cat literally hides in spots so she can jump out of the door when it gets opened. I told her the cat needs to be fixed and she says she can’t afford it. Is it her fault and responsibility that the cAt keePs getting out? I’m tired of her being mad at me.


  31. October 12, 2012 at 9:49 am, Stephanie said:

    I am the roommate with pets and let me tell you, it is horrible on this end too. I rescued both of my dogs from shelters. When my friend moved to town and we wanted to move in together I told her that they were well behaved and only had accidents a couple of times when I got stuck at work really late. This was 100% the truth, but now I look like a liar. Every since we moved into the new apartment they have sprayed, chewed, destroyed and even eaten screws (that was 400$ at the vet and they weren’t my screws that got left out). I do not blame my roommate, I commenced “home sweeps” before leaving the house after that. My mine concern is that we have been friends for over 8 years and this is killing our relationship. I know why she is upset and I don’t blame her. My feelings are a bit hurt for one reason only: Unlike a lot of the owners above I am doing everything possible to amend the problem! I have consulted the vet, upped my walk times to over an hour and done extensive research. I never ask her to clean anything, I pay for something if it is hers and am continually re-training and spending time correcting the problem. I installed a “bark off” as well. I know that it is unreasonable for me to want her to be less upset because I’m proactive because honestly, I don’t want to live in a place that smells like pee where I am constantly in fear of loosing property either! If I was living with someones pet an they were doing the above behaviours after I was told they are “good dogs” I would be a little peeved too! I have borrowed a crate from a friend that I have started putting them in to see if it resolves the issue…If they adjust to it (both being strays) I will purchase one. I did not want to confine them, but as I go home at lunch and they get long walks a minimum of 3x a day, I am hoping this is the solution! I am at a loss. Sorry for the rant, but I have two questions:

    1) for those of you who live with someones “bad pets” what else can I say or do to smooth things over without constantly pointing out the problem and adding stress?

    2) for those of you in my same situation…any other suggestions? I am at a loss!



  32. September 12, 2013 at 10:28 pm, Bertha said:

    Im a dog sitter and been taking care of these particular dogs for several years
    Recently one of the dogs has gone thru a chewing frenzy
    He’s destroyed a leather sofa and chewed walls
    His latest fiasco was my car. I no longer have back seats
    I wanted to know who’s responsible for the damage to my car.
    Thank you
    Sitting pretty


  33. September 17, 2013 at 7:58 pm, alethia said:

    my good friend and i had lived together 9 months ago and it only lasted 2 months due to her moving back to tx , which was no problem we knew she was temporary and didn’t charger her anything.
    during that time she was with me i adopted a dog. (leo) . he is a cool older dog , pretty much potty trained and very well behaved.
    Unfortunately when she was moving we reserved an apartment that didnt acccept dogs
    So i wouldnt of had a choice but to take him back to the shelter but then my roommate (anni) said that when we take her back to tx she would keep him
    It was great , very good for him.
    so she was back in dec with leo.
    5 months later we moved to . Back to tx.
    we have another temp home and in 3 months i find a place and decided to have anni as a roomate again because she really needed a place and didnt have alot of money .
    okay now we have a dog (mavis) so we knew wed be living with 2 dogs.
    and it was fine.
    I never exchanged any sort or agreement or word or comments on who was going to take care of her dog.
    Im a stay at home mom so i guess she assumed id have no problem but till this day she hasent asked me to do anyhting for him yet shes never here.
    SO i either do animal abuse and not feed it and keep it in her room or i do EVERYTHING FOR HIM>
    i dont know if shes thinking “well it WAS her at one time….so..”
    At one time then i couldnt and i never asked for him back .neither can i take care of 2 dogs and a baby.
    If i were to find out that is her thoughts well then because leo is MINE then he would be in the pound with potential for something to really care about him .
    so in all this im the one who gets to feel bad for him and if i dont take care of him its my fault. Or if something were to happens i suppose its my fault .
    how do i bluntly tell her without loosing friendship???
    ps: she chooses her bf over everyone.
    hes a bad influence . mamas boy no job, smokes and drinks. and she has no car but he does so her excuse is that she cant always be there because he doesn’t want to drive over. and the bus is always and hours early to pick her up and an hour late to drop her back of at the apartment so she doesnt want to take it.


  34. October 25, 2013 at 12:50 pm, curtis said:

    i live with my girlfriend, recently she moved a friend of hers in because she needed a place to stay after she broke up with her boyfriend. thats alright, more to talk to. When she moves in she also comes with a 90 lbs boxer that is completely co dependent and over bearing. (too close when you eat). The new roommate works long hours and has a habit of going out drinking and staying wherever shes at. My girlfriend says that she doesnt mind letting the dog out or feeding him but i absolutely hate the dog and refuse to do anything for it. combined with never cleaning up after herself, i have grown to hate the roommate as well. she is a total slug. lets the dog on the furniture even though my girlfriend and i routinely tell it to get down. so the roommate will not let the dog on the furniture when we are in the room. we go watch some tv for a bit, come out to go to the kitchen and the dog is on the furniture with the roommate. which leads me to believe she thinks were stupid for having the rule in the first place. i probably wouldnt mind so much if she bathed the dog ever but in 5 months that has only happened 1 time. dog hair everywhere, dog stench everywhere, never washes a dish and consistently asks my girlfriend to take care of the dog for a night or weekend. some people.


  35. December 25, 2013 at 2:34 pm, An angry lady said:

    My housemate is the worst.we are living in an expensive apartment the three of us.and she kept three fat persian cats !!!if onky she would confined them to her room.we cant even use the living room and kitchen.they were dirty amd smelly!!!shes not evwn a rich kid mor a spoilt brat!just a sensitive annoying unhygienic.the house smells.of cat.poop.fuck her.both me n my homies have allergy!!but we are full.of manners so we tried to be.considerate…but one thing i hateee is when she watch her cats blankies in the same washing machineee.everytime i use it…there fuckin cat fur stuck.on my clothes panties!!!!and i already use the laundry netting.fuck her tht bitch aneeza fuccck.thank you


  36. April 11, 2014 at 2:33 pm, Anonymous said:

    I have a roommate with a very large dog that is trained so little as to have that training be worthless. The dog is extremely aggressive, having issues with dominance, security and prey instincts. I cannot have guests over. Two of my friends have been bitten before I realized the “sit, stay, no bite” and other commands work only when he is not feeling threatened in any way(ie: when alone or with only household members present) When someone knocks at the door he freaks out scrabbling at the door to get to the person and attack them. I am too small in comparison to the dog to be able to open the door and prevent him from getting out and biting the person. When this happens I try to put him in another room before answering but often times if I don’t open the door immediately the person will knock again, undoing my efforts to calm and relocate the dog. This is frustrating in the extreme. My roommate loves his dog but has philosophical issues with getting him neutered and doesn’t have the time to commit to properly training or exercising the dog (which makes me angry on several levels) but I am very good friends with my roommate and am finding my hands tied against approaching the situation as I would without those ties (I would call animal control and report every single attack once I realized the owner saw the problem and chose to do nothing about it. And if the dog ever bites me or acts aggressively toward me, I will. I can live with not having friends over, I cant live with something in my home that will hurt me.) I unfortunately don’t have the time to commit to training him myself, not without help reinforcing the training while I’m not home, otherwise I would be glad, overjoyed, to do so in the pursuit of a more peaceful home life. At this point I need to convince my roommate to do something about it. 1.get him fixed, which has already been vetoed by the owner. 2. train him and exercise him, which my roommate does not have the time or motivation for. 3. put him down. I need alternatives! Or a way to convince him he will get sued and the dog will be euthanized if he doesn’t do something! This is ruining my quality of life and setting the dog up for a very short life filled with little joy.


  37. December 09, 2014 at 11:23 am, Marie said:

    So this one is a bit complex. I need advice.
    My roommate has a 7 year old cat, and a 3 year old dog. She looooves the dog and says she loves her cat equally. I guess I could explain it like this. It's like the dog is the new baby, and because the cat is older (and a cat) she treats it like a step-kid. She will leave it for days at a time.
    My situation is this. I have a cat of my own. When I leave (for any real amount of time) I take my cat with me, because I couldn't even think of leaving her sitting around the house to fend for herself. Plus, what if I couldn't make it home for some reason!? Anyway, my roommate is about to go to Another state to stay with her boyfriend for a couple of days. She is "obviously" taking the dog, but wants to leave the cat here (assuming that I am ok to take care of her). But, once she leaves, this cat all the sudden becomes my responsibility and I cannot make any plans because I cannot leave the house.
    I really do not feel comfortable just leaving her cat here to fend for itself for 3 days. Am I overreacting? How should I talk to my roommate about this?


  38. December 15, 2014 at 3:45 pm, Jessica Burch said:

    My roommate owns a cat and had recently found a new job that requires her to be out of town for weeks at a time, I'm okay with the responsibilities of taking care of a cat, but his behavioral problems drive me nuts! And since money is tight, and my roommate is also a friend, I don't just want to move out. Hunter is a lovable and adorable grown cat, but three main things bother me the most. The constant meowing, the scratching of the couches, and the pooping on the floor. I bought him a toy, a hideaway, catnip, a scratch board to keep him from scratching so much, and put his litter box in the area that he goes on. I try to give him the attention he needs, but he wants it CONSTANTLY. With my roommate gone, I believe the cat has become more irritable. I just want to know what I can do to have him behave a little bit


  39. September 26, 2015 at 1:09 am, D Vazquez said:

    It's been almost two months that I live with a roommate who has a dog who is 2 years old. Maybe 2/3 weeks ago Cherry (the dog) ripped my rug while in her cage. I don't how she dragged her cage to my rug. I told her she owes me $50 for the rug and she says that she did warned me that Cherry likes to bite rugs but i said yes you did but that is still my possession. Who's right?


  40. January 21, 2016 at 11:01 am, Amy said:

    My housemate's cats are awful; they piss everywhere, rip everything, destroyed the Christmas tree 6 times, my tapestry couch (which they also pissed on until i put it in the shed), but worst of all the litter box is next to the kitchen. This doesn't bother my housemate as he doesn't cook besides using the oven. There's nothing quite like trying to cook in full knowledge that you have shit flakes in your food. However, I'm ecologically grateful for their indoor nature; means they aren't out killing things. If you have cats, train them well and be responsible; don't get them if you're rarely around and lazy. Older cats are better if you don't have the time to train a kitten.


  41. February 01, 2016 at 12:41 pm, Anonymous said:

    My girlfriend and I moved into an apartment with another couple we were good friends with. At the time it seemed like a great idea, we have a dog and they had just adopted a puppy. The two got along well and we all did too.

    We were wrong. For the past 8 months the owners have barely been taking this dog out, only walking him across the street to use the bathroom and then quickly bringing him upstairs into their bedroom for the majority of the day.

    Obviously this is no life for a puppy. So he has developed quite some behavioral issues. He jumps on us and our guests when we walk in, used the house as a bathroom constantly, climbs on top of the counters and sinks. If they leave him with us it is almost impossible to walk him he bites on his leash and either pulls forward or just jumps around. On multiple occasions we have tried to talk to them about this and they constantly come up with excuses such as the dog having anxiety to going as far as blaming us for him going to the bathroom inside. After not speaking for 2 months, we are finally on okay terms with them. However now that we are in better terms, we don't want to make it worse by bringing up their dog. He is now a year old and has no form of training! I don't know how to address the situation, but I also don't know how much longer we can go on living like this. We don't even have the opportunity to assist with caring for the dog on a regular basis because his owner spends his nights playing xbox and days sleeping so we don't come in contact with the dog often enough too train it ourselves. ( we tried that). For months they've said they were going to work on it, purchase a crate, etc and absolutely nothing has changed!


  42. March 11, 2016 at 11:25 pm, EG said:

    My roommates dog has destroyed over 200$ worth of my stuff. Not once has she offered to replace it. Yet now I leave a thumbprint sized stain on a sheet and she demands that I replace it. How do I convey that this kind of thought process is simply not ok? I'm willing to overlook so much, but this is the last straw.


  43. March 15, 2016 at 7:19 pm, Clay Anderson said:

    So in the city I live pit bulls are concidered a "vicious breed" the other day I was at the gym for 1.5 hrs and when I returned home my roommate told me my dog got out. He left the door open an she ran out he didn't go look for her or
    Anything so I was pretty pissed and
    Upset my baby was gone I looked
    For 2 hours and couldn't find her an
    I ended up calling animal control they found her. I later got a fine in the mail of $500. Am I responsible ? Or is
    My roommate?? Please help


    • October 29, 2016 at 12:56 am, Michael r, said:

      > you are, 100% for violating city law


  44. October 30, 2016 at 11:58 am, kim ginter said:

    so i have a question if you had pets before your roommate moved in do they have a say on what goes on with your pets? I ask this cause i am going through this right now they dont really have anything to do with my cats but yet they think they can tell me what to do with them and how to raise them and i dont think that it i fare. they dont clean up after them or feed them and they dont buy the food or litter but they think they still have a right on what goes on with them please i need to know if they have a right to do that


    • November 16, 2016 at 5:50 am, helen said:

      > Think of cats like children. Other people don't own them, but probably interact with them anyway. If the way you raise them is causing the children to bother other people, they are within their rights to approach you about their behaviour. Think of a teacher telling you a child needs more boundaries as they are disrupting class.
      If your cat is causing your housemate's quality of life (such as meowing all night, killing birds, peeing on their stuff, or scratching furniture) then you should listen fairly to what they say.
      Much like children, not everyone agrees on the best way to treat a cat. Try to see from both points of view and explain yourself without getting overly defensive.


    • November 28, 2016 at 6:39 am, ben said:

      > my flatmate has 2 dogs, one of them has a marking problem, and now lives outside at my insistence but every time he's allowed in he pees on something, flatmate refuses to have him fixed and I'm usually the one to clean it up, I've asked that he close my bedroom door if the dog is being allowed in but he never remembers. the other one is old and blind, can't always hold her bladder, this wouldn't be a big problem but she lives inside, and my flatmate is always falling asleep on the couch without bothering to put her out first, he didn't tell me about either of these issues until I brought up the growing collection of urine stains on the walls and floor, and he doesn't seem to see what the big deal about stepping in a puddle of urine after coming home from a 12 hour shift is.


  45. November 02, 2016 at 5:30 am, Xiomara said:

    I just moved in with two high school friends and we signed a lease. I've been at the apartment for 2 weeks now and they are starting to have problems with my cat. My cat is 3 years old and this is our 3rd move in total. He tends to get stressed and nervous in the beginning but as time goes on he calms down. I'm currently living with two people who have never had pets before and just always want to lock him in my room when he meows instead of giving the cat attention or even trying to meet me half way.


  46. November 16, 2016 at 5:41 am, Amy said:

    I notice a pattern with pet-owning room-mates. It always starts with the owner (while you look at the house) saying something like 'they're only like this right now' or 'I'm training them out of this, it's just because they're young' or 'they only destroy their own stuff'.
    If you pick up on a mild red flag, assume there's much worse you're not seeing.
    NEVER BELIEVE OWNERS. They are blind to their pet's shit.

    My housemate's 2 cats piss on absolutely everything, destroyed my Christmas tree repeatedly, ruined 2 antique couches, chewed up electronics and have killed numerous native fauna. I am approaching homicidal rage.


  47. December 15, 2016 at 5:32 pm, marrissa said:

    I have a cat who is actually pretty well behaved for a cat. My roommates dog is constantly growling at my cat through the baby gate, which I put up to protect him. and every time my cat gets out my roommates yorkie corners him and starts biting him. My cat doesn't even attack back he just tries to get away. today I told the dog "no" when he was growling at my cat because i'm tired of watching my cat be bullied, the owner of the yorkie got very upset that I was attempting to train him. I feel like i'm in a corner trying to protect my cat from this dog and i'm not sure what to do. I don't want my cat to end up getting seriously hurt.


  48. December 25, 2016 at 9:24 pm, Joy Simcha said:

    We have two dogs and one is a lab. I have a room mate and she takes care of one of the dogs, walks etc. However I am the sole owner. we were both out one day and one of the dogs took her scissors and a bag and tore It up. my mom said it was my responsibility to pay for the scissors because they were my dog. However i don't feel it was totally my fault because she left them on the table so I paid for half of the cost of the scissors but my mom says it should be totally my responsible. What do u think?


    • January 19, 2017 at 5:52 pm, Hallie said:

      > I think you are lucky that the dog didn't get injured playing/eatting/tearing up scissors. I also don't think that you are responsible for paying more than half the cost. Your roommate shouldn't have left something potentially dangerous to your pet in a place he could reach it. Perhaps she will learn not to leave such items in his reach. On the other hand, if your lab is an adult—it should know better than to destroy objects that aren't his.


  49. February 12, 2017 at 9:35 pm, Michelle said:

    My roommate and I have been aquaintences for several years working together. I am a student and I work night shift on weekends . She works middle shift full time. The dog only acts up barks howls and steals items when she is home. When she is not home he sits in one spot. Every time I come home from working night shift I step in a puddle of urine somewhere between the foyer and the stairs. He also howls and barks after she gets home from work (midnight ) someone wrote her a letter and didn't sign their name but mailed it to us regarding her dog. He is not trained at all and does not get walked. He just does his business in the back yard but does get to go on fix walks a day. His breed type is high energy. I wear ear plugs to sleep but sometimes it's unbearable. One time my door as cracked open a little and j went to the bathroom down the hall and he got in my room and shredded a 400 dollar purse. She apologized but nothing was replaced.


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