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Young man researches home essentials as he prepares to settle in to his first apartment.

7 Home Essentials Every First-Time Renter Needs

Moving into your first apartment is always exciting, but it also comes with a little work. read more

Cooking in a Sublet

How to Make a Sublet Feel Like Home

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Whether you just moved to a new city and you’re trying to get a better feel for it or you’re just in town for a few months and don’t need a longer lease, a sublet is a great option for those who are in between living arrangements. read more

Tile Selection for a Tradition Bathroom Design

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When choosing your bathroom design, you may get as elaborate as any area of your home. However, choosing elegant or practical items to place within the bath, your tile flooring is a great place to start and set the tone for remainder of the room. As many designers will agree, your bathroom ideas and kitchen […] read more