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4 Factors to Consider When Moving in to Your Boston Apartment

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True to its reputation as a college town, Boston is a city with pretty regular renter turnover. For this reason, there are a number of factors to consider when moving into your Boston apartment beyond putting down a security deposit and picking up your new keys. A majority of apartments tend to empty and refill all […] read more

What to Omit from an Apartment Move In Checklist

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Your apartment move in checklist could stretch a mile long if you’re not careful. Remember that if you’re going away for college or moving to an apartment for the first time from a larger home, you’re not going to have anywhere near as much room in an apartment as you do in a house. Be […] read more


5 Safety Tips When Moving

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If you plan to move your belongings yourself, make sure you use the safety tips below. This will help you prevent injury to yourself and anyone else helping you with the move. Here’s what you can do to keep everyone safe: 1. Use a Dolly A dolly, also called a hand truck, is piece of […] read more

No Moving Help? Move In to Your New Apartment Slowly

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Moving is one of life’s biggest hassles, especially when you have limited or no moving help. If you’ve found yourself preparing to move without the aid of family, friends or a professional moving company, your best bet is to begin moving into your new place slowly. Make a Time Line Hopefully if you’ve found yourself […] read more

6 Scenarios to Get to Know Your Neighbors

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One of your first goals, when moving to a new apartment, should be to get to know your neighbors. Community living is part of what apartment life is all about. A typical apartment complex offers several ways to make contact with your neighbors. 1. Moving Day As stressful as moving can be, you’re bound to […] read more

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to a Smaller Apartment

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When moving into a smaller apartment, it’s easy to find yourself making a few common mistakes. These mistakes can prove to be a hassle, especially when you’re just settling into a new place. To prevent moving anguish, follow these tips before you move. Planning Ahead: Taking Measurements If you can visit your new home before […] read more

How to Prepare for Moving Overseas

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Moving across town can be a hassle, but moving overseas can be a stress-inducing nightmare if you don’t know how to prepare. Follow a few simple tips to make the process easier. Find an Apartment If you have relocated overseas but still need to find an apartment, wor with an information center set up for […] read more

Hiring and Working With Student Movers

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Hiring student movers can take a big load off your shoulders. Hiring the pros may be out of your price range, but a responsible mover can be hired to help you out. With the new school year approaching, here are a few tips for finding student movers who are waiting for you to hire them […] read more

Packing and Moving in Under 24 Hours

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Moving out in a hurry? Then you need to pack in a hurry! When you’ve got no time to waste, grab your packing boxes, markers, packing and tape and learn how to pack and move in under 24 hours. Step 1 – Work on One Room at a Time It will be easier for you […] read more