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4 Tips To Make Moving With Kids Easier

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Moving with kids can be tough. Beyond the psychological resistance to moving that they may display—being reluctant to leave cherished friends and familiar surroundings for scary new experiences—there are practical concerns as well, such as how best to involve kids in the moving process or keep them entertained during a long car or plane ride. Knowing what to do with the kids at all times can be tough, but many other people have lived through it and emerged with ideas about how best to handle the process. Read on for suggestions on how to keep yourself sane and the kids busy while you’re moving. read more

White Glove Moving Scam

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A number of formal complaints have been lodged against the White GloveMoving & Storage Company, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Most of the cases involve issues with the company raising the price of the move after providing an estimate or failing to pick up or deliver items on time. While the company has a clean record with the Better Business Bureau, several individuals have reported significant discrepancies between what White Glove initially told them and the charges demanded or services provided by the company in the end. Here are a few of the problems that some customers encountered, and what we can learn from these negative experiences. read more

Tips on Your Moving Truck Rental

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Renting a moving truck can be a complicated and confusing—not to mention expensive—experience. Read on for some terrific tips that will make your moving truck rental experience easier, if not completely perfect. read more

Moving Company Scams

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They’re bold, they’re shameless, they’re misleading, and they’re everywhere—they’re the people who create and perpetuate moving scams. Disreputable movers and their representatives can rip you off for big bucks at a time in your life when you’re really not prepared to absorb the unanticipated expense. Here are the top five most common malicious moving scams and the best ways to avoid falling for them: read more

The Pros and Cons of Moving Yourself

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To move or not to move—it’s not really a question sometimes, but a necessity. The question arises when considering how to move. Should you hire a moving company? Do it yourself? Enlist a strong friend or two? Each approach has pros and cons, so you’ll have to consider your own situation in order to make the choice that’s right for you. read more

Top 13 Things on Your Personal Moving Checklist

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Moving can involve personal responsibilities that relate directly to your new life and not to the moving process. These tasks can be even more important than the components of the moving process itself, since they affect your ability to live, work, and function in your old and new worlds. Take the steps below to prepare yourself to live comfortably in your new home just as you did in the old one. read more

How to Change Your Address the Easy Way

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When you’re moving from one place to another, officially changing your address may be the last thing you consider. In between packing boxes, making phone calls, and overseeing the movers so they don’t break anything, actually notifying the right people about your new address can completely slip your mind. No worries, however, since various online resources make changing your address a relatively easy process. read more

Get Your Security Deposit Back When Moving Out

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Ah, the security deposit… a financial burden when moving in, a blessing when moving out. There's a reason it's called a deposit—because you put money down only to cover excess damages that you might cause but, you’re almost guaranteed to get it back. Unless you cause extreme damage that your landlord can prove was your fault and existed after you moved out but before new tenants moved in, you deserve to have your deposit refunded in full. Normal wear and tear on the apartment is to be expected. However, some landlords won't make the effort to get your money back to you unless you ask for it. Beyond making sure that your crazy friends don't trash your apartment or that the kitten you're secretly hiding in your room doesn't claw up the carpet too badly, here are some steps to take to ensure you get your security deposit back. read more

Moving In: Hidden Fees and Expenses

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You’ve found the perfect apartment, and you couldn’t be happier. After a week of inner debate, you’ve finally gotten over the fact that the rent is a little bit more than you had originally intended, but the apartment is the epitome of elegance and comfort, and you just have to have it. I mean, you can deal with spending a little less on groceries each month, can’t you? But read closer… a $500 pet deposit? Can you deal with giving Fluffy away? Hidden fees are a huge part of finding the right apartment. Fees differ between complexes, and it’s up to you to ask the management about what these fees are for, and by how much they’re going to deplete your shopping funds. read more