Packing and Moving in Under 24 Hours

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Moving out in a hurry? Then you need to pack in a hurry! When you’ve got no time to waste, grab your packing boxes, markers, packing and tape and learn how to pack and move in under 24 hours.

Step 1 – Work on One Room at a Time

It will be easier for you to unpack if you organize your items by room; you also won’t feel as overwhelmed with the task at hand if you take it one step at a time. Set a goal to pack up the living room in two hours, the kitchen in three hours and the bedroom in four (depending on how cluttered each particular room is). Don’t even think about tackling the next room yet; just work through one room and one goal at a time.

Step 2- Sort Items Into Three Categories

Have your moving boxes ready along with two other kinds of boxes or garbage bags in every room. Sort your items into three categories: keep, donate and throw away. Pack everything you want to keep-items you need, items of true sentimental value and items you use often-into your packing boxes. Put items in good condition that you don’t use often or no longer need in the donate pile (don’t bother packing the donation pile nicely when you’re in a hurry). Throw out everything in poor condition. If you have a lot of clothes, and many of those items are rarely used, you might want to make sure that for every two items you keep, you donate or throw out at least one. Don’t give yourself time to think over your decision. Trust your first instinct. Make a quick run to the trash bin and a charity or thrift store before you move.

Step 3 – Mark Moving Boxes with Distinguishing Colors

You can make your move go much faster if you coordinate your boxes according to the room from which the boxes’ contents came. Use different colored packing tape or markers for each room so that once you pack the boxes in a van and unload them at your new apartment or home, you know with one glance that red boxes go to the kitchen, yellow to the bedroom, etc. A color coordinating system can save you hours when you unpack.

Step 4 – If Overwhelmed, Call in the Moving CompaniesOr Friends

Most of the time packing is too much for once person to handle, especially if they’re on a tight schedule. Call a few moving companies and see which ones charge a decent price and are able to come over as soon as possible to help you pack in a hurry. While you’re waiting for them to come, start sorting through your items for things you can donate or throw away. And if you can’t afford movers, call in a favor to your friends! Just be sure you don’t get distracted and start goofing off.

Moving out is always stressful, yet it can be completely overwhelming if you have less than 24 hours to get your things packed and ready. Tackle packing one step at a time, be willing to let go of things, color coordinate your boxes and call on others when it’s too much for you to handle and you’ll make it through all right!

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