4 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to a Smaller Apartment

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When moving into a smaller apartment, it’s easy to find yourself making a few common mistakes. These mistakes can prove to be a hassle, especially when you’re just settling into a new place. To prevent moving anguish, follow these tips before you move.

Planning Ahead: Taking Measurements

If you can visit your new home before you move in, take out measuring tape and measure the dimensions of all of the rooms. Even if you can’t make it to the apartment beforehand, your landlord may be able to provide you with the exact dimensions. Next, measure your current place. Find exactly how much smaller the new place will be.

1 – Failing to Adjust for the New Size

If you find that your new place is much smaller than your current one, look around at the amount of stuff you have right now. Is your current place pretty full? Then it’s not all going to fit in your new place. If your new place is 75% the size of your current place, you will have to have 25% percent (or more) less stuff to bring with you. The rest simply won’t fit. Take the time to sort through your possessions and be sure to throw out, sell or donate at least 1/4 (or however much the difference is) of your things. Another option is renting a storage place or asking a family member to take some of your things if they are of true sentimental value. However, if you do not need them, purge yourself of some of your things.

2 – Failing to Maximize Storage Space

Just because your new apartment is smaller, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a highly efficient living space. People with small living spaces especially need to take advantage of storage solutions. Look for closet and cabinet organizers, over-the-door shelves and stackable collapsible storage boxes, and make the most of any closet, cabinet and cupboard space you have in your new place. Don’t forget to store boxes and organizers under your bed and couch. Make the most of every inch.

3 – Failing to Take Advantage of Vertical Spaces

If you bring a wide shelving unit to your new smaller apartment, you may be unable to find a spot for it. Instead, look for a shelving unit that has a small width, a tall height, and purchase a step stool so that you can reach the top shelves. Since you have less floor space, you should take complete advantage of floor-to-ceiling space.

4 – Failing to Pack in an Organized Way

Don’t leave packing the moving boxes until the last minute. Clearly distinguish each box with a bright colored tape or marker highlighting the room the items will be housed in. Go ahead and start putting items in storage boxes and organizers before you move so that you don’t have to search through your moving boxes to find them once you’ve moved.

Moving to a smaller apartment can lead to a disorganized, hectic mess if you don’t plan ahead. Before you finish packing those moving boxes, be sure to do what you can to avoid these common moving mistakes when it comes to small places.

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