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Packing a Moving Box

Top 10 Tips for Packing Moving Boxes

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Moving is typically a double-edged sword. It’s exciting to start a new chapter in your life, but packing up all your stuff — not to mention unpacking everything at your new place — is typically a stressful process. read more

Moving Checklist

An Extensive Moving Checklist

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Whether you’re relocating because of a new job or simply because you want a bigger apartment, moving out is going to require a lot of planning, energy, and, unfortunately, money on your part. When it’s finally time for you to pack up your things, you’ll want to refer to this comprehensive moving checklist to make […] read more

Packing Boxes for Maximum Storage

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If you want to save money on your move, learn about packing boxes for maximum storage. Moving supplies can add costs to your overall moving bill, and the less moving boxes you need to use the better. With a blend of old and new tricks, you can store many more things in each box, and […] read more

5 Recommended Packing Supplies for Moving Day

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Don’t waste time on moving day because you don’t have the packing supplies you need to box and transport your personal belongings. Work on gathering the following list of recommended packing supplies, weeks before you have to move. The earlier you gather what you need, the more likely you are to find cheap or free […] read more

4 Tips for Packing Computer Equipment and Peripherals

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Your computer and peripherals are sensitive pieces of equipment that are prone to damage during a move. If your computer is not packed away safely, and is dropped, the damage could be permanent. Following tips for packing computer equipment will help you get your sensitive device to its new home safely. 1. Protect Your Data […] read more

6 Tips for Packing a Flat-Panel TV for Moving

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Tips for packing a flat-panel television are similar to tips for packing most electronics that are heavy and valuable. You simply can’t afford the risk of damaging your TV because the replacement monies you receive from your insurance company might be less than what it’s worth. Here are 6 tips for packing your TV for […] read more

5 Tips for Packing Books

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Packing books for the move is easy, and doesn’t require a lot of work or expense on your part. The hardest part is deciding when and how many books to leave behind. Once you make that decision, then packing books is a breeze if you have enough boxes on hand. Here are 5 tips for […] read more

The Art of Packing Boxes for Moving

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Moving is one of the big stress-inducers for people, and packing moving boxes is just not fun. However, getting things taken care of ahead of schedule will take a lot of the worry away from a move. Packing in a timely and organized manner will mean that you free yourself of anxiety over where everything […] read more

What to Look for in Packing and Moving Services

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If you are looking at packing and moving company options, some good thorough research can save you a lot of money and hassle. Here are some of the major points to evaluate when you’re looking for packing and moving services. A Fair Price The issue of price is a prime factor in how most people […] read more