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5 Things You Shouldn’t Bring to a College Apartment

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If you are moving into a college apartment, it may be your first experiment in shared living. Lots of students who are packing up all of their stuff for a relocation to a dorm or apartment space have a lot to learn about what goes into a “communal living” or “group house” experience. One of […] read more

Moving Advice for the College Student

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Some students may find themselves wishing they had received more moving advice, once they arrive in a new city for college. Saving money should be a priority, so here are some tips to help if you’re heading off to school soon. 1. Keep it Compact You shouldn’t have to hire a moving company to carry […] read more

How Important is it to Make a Packing List for a College Apartment?

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Making a packing list for a college apartment may seem like a waste of time, but it can actually help you to save money and time on your move. Furniture Dorms almost always come with a bed and a desk. Some people who reserve loft beds like to bring a small couch or chair to go […] read more

5 Common Problems that College Roommates Encounter

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Your college roommates will probably be the first people you will share a home with besides your family. Living at home with parents is very different. You probably had responsibilities that you knew you had to take care of, but you didn’t have to worry about things like rent, bills and other issues. If you […] read more

Hiring and Working With Student Movers

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Hiring student movers can take a big load off your shoulders. Hiring the pros may be out of your price range, but a responsible mover can be hired to help you out. With the new school year approaching, here are a few tips for finding student movers who are waiting for you to hire them […] read more

Moving Tips for the New College Student

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If it’s your first time moving for college, follow these moving tips to help make this important transition as smooth and successful as possible! Plan Your Move Figure out your housing arrangements first. Will you be living in a dorm, other on-campus housing or a non-campus sponsored housing facility (apartments)? Each housing arrangement will dictate […] read more

How To Get the Lease When You’re a College Student

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When it comes to prospective tenants, many landlords will choose other applicants over college students. If you fall into the college student category, this sort of situation can be very frustrating — it’s not legally considered discrimination, but it still makes it harder for a student to find housing. Dan Godfrey had some difficulties as […] read more

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Dorm or Apartment for Rent?

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Ah, college dormitories—havens of hedonism, homework help (and distractions), and the inevitable hellish noises. Campus-area apartments for college students are filled with people you don’t know and who don’t want to know you, far enough from campus to discourage class attendance, and not guaranteed to be much quieter or cleaner than a dormitory. So which should you pick as a college student? Let’s explore in detail some drawbacks and benefits of both options. read more