Saving Money with Student Movers

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Moving can be a costly event where you want to find the right balance between saving money and ensuring that your furniture and belongings are handled with care. If you have too much stuff to move yourself but can not afford high end moving companies then student movers may be a great option to consider.

Check Prices Around Town

Call around and compare prices with local moving companies. Sometimes people assume that student moving companies are always the cheapest but that is not always the case. Local moving companies may have specials that make them a better deal. Many companies now are emerging using titles for their company that imply student movers are used to gain business and give the impression that they will be cheaper when it may not even mean they use student movers. Also, some student moving companies started out as true student movers but have grown along with their prices. For this reason, be sure to compare prices and don’t always assume the student moving companies will always be cheaper.

Remember when asking about prices to check to see what fees will be added on to the base price. Some companies find excuses for extra costs and fees in order to hike up the cheap price they advertised to begin with.

Check Employee Screening

A great bargain can often be found in using student moving companies but not if your belongings end up damaged or even stolen. One thing to ask when hiring any moving company is how they screen their employees. You want to use a company that does background checks on their employees to ensure the movers handling your items will be high quality.

Having the Right Equipment

A second thing you will want to check with cheaper moving companies such as student movers is what kind of equipment they have available. Some student moving companies come completely prepared with a big truck and every piece of equipment they may need. Other student moving companies are simply some students with a couple of pick up trucks and maybe a moving dolly. Ask the company what kind of truck they use and what kind of equipment the movers have. This is important because movers without the proper equipment are not only likely to take longer but may damage things as well.

Experience of Company

Verify how long the company has been in business, new student movers just starting out may not have the experience and know how that other companies have. This may mean moving takes a lot longer to accomplish because they lack experience. Conduct an online search for the student moving company as well to find reviews by others that have used them in the past. Chances are that if someone has had a bad experience with them in the past, they will let others know about it. S

tudent moving companies are still moving companies and therefore should also be bonded and insured. Ask the company to verify that they are, in fact insured, this way in case any of your items are damaged during moving they can pay for repair or replacement of the item.

2 Responses to “Saving Money with Student Movers”

  1. August 06, 2010 at 2:02 pm, Chris said:

    Great tips on using student movers, now are most student movers actually employing students or has it just become a common term for cheaper moving services?


  2. August 17, 2010 at 8:18 am, shawn said:

    who will be doing the move actually student or other as student now it will be great if students do the move that way they can pay for college and make some cash


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