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Moving Dollies: What Kind and How Many You Need

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When it comes to planning for an efficient and safe move, there are some basic items that can help out a lot, and moving dollies are one of those extras that can be very much worth the extra rental. Moving dollies of different shapes and sizes provide “superhuman” assistance with larger items, from sofas to […] read more

Saving Money with Student Movers

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Moving can be a costly event where you want to find the right balance between saving money and ensuring that your furniture and belongings are handled with care. If you have too much stuff to move yourself but can not afford high end moving companies then student movers may be a great option to consider. […] read more

Getting Your Friends to Work like Professional Movers

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Paying for professional movers when you are on a low budget can save you a lot of money. Turning to friends is always an option but it can often come with its own cost. Plotting a specific plan to get your friends to work like the pros, without you having to order them around, will […] read more