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A young couple loading several moving boxes into a van.

Top 14 Places Get Cheap (or Free) Moving Boxes

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Moving into a new home is one of those unique life events that combines excitement, stress, and dread. A fresh start is stimulating, packing and throwing away junk is physically and emotionally draining, and hauling things around is just plain hard on your body. read more

Packing a Moving Box

Top 10 Tips for Packing Moving Boxes

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Moving is typically a double-edged sword. It’s exciting to start a new chapter in your life, but packing up all your stuff — not to mention unpacking everything at your new place — is typically a stressful process. read more

Moving Tips: Color Coordinating Your Moving Boxes

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In the overwhelming swamp of moving boxes, it can sometimes be difficult to remember which box belongs to what room and what contents each box holds. Since moving is stressful, confusing and annoying at any rate, it is always best to try color coordinating moving boxes to take away some of the craziness involved with […] read more

Recycling Wardrobe Moving Boxes

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Some of those who are preparing for a residential move may never have heard of wardrobe moving boxes at all. These kinds of boxes for moving are not your standard simple cardboard construction, although in some ways, they may not be that different. Wardrobe moving boxes are often referred to as portable closets, because many […] read more

Top 5 Places to Get CHEAP Moving Boxes

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Packing up all of your precious old school CDs? Need to pack your apartment on a budget? The worst place to try to get CHEAP moving boxes is from a moving company, like U-Haul. Moving companies graduate the prices much higher than market price. Here are the top 5 places to get cheap moving boxes. read more