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Every good apartment decor needs a good full-length mirror to tie it all together.

How to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

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We all know the old trick of using mirrors to make a small apartment feel more spacious, but did you know that where you place those mirrors can actually have a positive or negative impact on the energy in your home? read more

This living room may be windowless, but ample lighting and sleek decor make it airy and enjoyable all the same.

10 Creative Ways to Light Up Dark Rooms

Living in a space where sunshine bathes the walls every day is ideal but not likely. Most homes and apartments have at least one room that receives minimal natural light or, in some cases, none at all. !–more–>But before you slam the door and declare the space a walk-in closet, try out a few of […] read more

Empty apartment corners not only waste space, they also make your home feel cold and impersonal.

14 Tips for Making Empty Corners Pop

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The kitchen in your home is organized and shiny, your bathroom decor gets rave reviews, and the living room beckons guests with comfort and style. But what about all those neglected corners? read more

Studio Apartment - Interior

Make the Most of Your Studio Apartment

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As more people choose to live in bigger cities on their own, studio apartments are becoming an increasingly viable option. Most studio apartments consist of a single room that’s used as the kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom. read more

Top 5 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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Embrace the coziness! Don’t let small rooms in your apartment get you down – there are easy decorating ideas that will make a small room look bigger. Especially in your main room, you want a welcoming space everyone feels happy about being in. Try a couple of these suggestions and watch your space magically expand. […] read more


The Full-Length Mirror: Form and Function

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The full length mirror adds a design element to any room, while being functional at the same time. You need at least one in your apartment, but two or more is preferable, depending on the number of rooms and hallways you have. If you’re wondering about whether you should make a purchase or take down […] read more

How to Hang a Mirror on a Brick Wall

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How you hang a mirror on a brick wall is similar to hanging a mirror on any wall surface. To hang a mirror you will need a drill, two metal or plastic anchors, two screws, two picture hooks large, a measuring tape, and safety goggles. Step One: Measure the Brick Wall Before you can hang […] read more

Using Mirrors to Create Space

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You may not be able to add another room to a small apartment, but you can create the appearance of more room with a carefully placed mirror. The reflection of your room can get you thinking that you really have double the square footage than you actually do — it may not be there, but […] read more

Seven Decorating Ideas for Small Living Rooms

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Decorating any apartment room can be difficult due to size constraints, but the living room poses a special challenge. It’s traditionally supposed to house giant furniture—a ten-section couch, a big-screen TV, large lamps, overstuffed armchairs, and long empty tables. You probably don’t want to carry these types of items up four floors to your apartment, and you probably wouldn’t have space for them once they got there, anyway. This article contains snazzy ideas for dressing up your small living room without using hulking behemoths for furniture items. read more