How to Hang a Mirror on a Brick Wall

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How you hang a mirror on a brick wall is similar to hanging a mirror on any wall surface. To hang a mirror you will need a drill, two metal or plastic anchors, two screws, two picture hooks large, a measuring tape, and safety goggles.

Step One: Measure the Brick Wall

Before you can hang the mirror, you need to determine where it will look best on the wall. A good rule of thumb is to place the mirror where you can see your head and torso clearly in the mirror’s surface. However, be sure to consider any furniture near the brick wall. If the furniture bumps the mirror, it may cause it to fall.

Once you have measured a good spot for the mirror to lay on the wall mark each side where the top of the mirror will go. These markings will help you determine where to drill the holes.

Step Two: Drill Two Holes

Once you have measured, it is time to drill holes for the picture hangers. Before drilling put on your safety goggles. Find the spot where you marked the top corner of the mirror and drill one hole. Be sure that the hole is the same size as the metal or plastic anchor. The anchor needs to fit securely inside the hole. If the hole is too large, the anchor will not be able to support the screws correctly. Once you have measured one hole, repeat this process on the other side.

Step Three: Place the Anchors in the Holes

Once you have both holes drilled, you need to insert the metal or plastic anchors. If you have drilled the holes to the correct size, you should be able to push the anchors firmly in to place. The anchor needs to lie flush with the outside of the brick wall. If the anchor does not fit in to the hole, you will need to drill the hole to a larger size.

Step Four: Insert the Screws and Picture Hangers

First, thread the picture hangers on to the screws. The picture hangers have a large hole on top for the screw to go through. Place each screw through each picture hanger. Once the screws are in place, put the first screw and picture hanger through one of the anchors. The screw should fit firmly inside the anchor. Repeat this process for the second screw and anchor.

Step Five: Hang the Mirror on the Brick Wall

When the picture hangers are in place, place the mirror on the picture hanger using the hooks the mirror has attached to the back. Each hook should align with each picture hanger. Once the mirror is in place step back, ensure the mirror is level, and even. The mirror should align without leaning to one side and be firmly against the brick wall.

Keep safety in mind when you hang a mirror on a brick wall. The mirror needs to lay flat against the brick wall without risk of falling and breaking.

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