The Full-Length Mirror: Form and Function

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The full length mirror adds a design element to any room, while being functional at the same time. You need at least one in your apartment, but two or more is preferable, depending on the number of rooms and hallways you have. If you’re wondering about whether you should make a purchase or take down a mirror that was there when you moved in, consider the form and function of a full length mirror:

Framed Full Length Mirror

With design in mind, buy a framed full length mirror for each bedroom. The right frame adds style to a room, making it look more elegant. Hang it on the wall or on the door, by centering it well. A mirror that’s hung off-center can irritate you and others looking at it. There are many unique frames to choose from, such as metal, wood and steel, and they come in a variety of colors as well. Some frames are elaborate in design and can greatly enhance the look of a room.

Create More Space

A full length mirror can add more depth to a room, which makes the room look bigger than it really is. This is a neat design trick to try if you live in a tiny apartment. If your bedroom feels small, then “open” up the space with a full length mirror. The larger the mirror is (the width), the better. One large full length mirror is enough for one room, so don’t overdo it on the mirrors.


One function of a full length mirror that often gets overlooked is the ability to see yourself when you work out. Form and positioning is important if you’re training, cycling, working on abs, weight-lifting or doing a number of other exercises. If you can’t see yourself, you won’t know whether you have the right form. The ability to see yourself also allows you to improve your workouts and fix any mistakes you’re making. Place a full length mirror where you do your workouts, and you should see improved results.

Speech Therapy or Practice

Children who have speech delays, phonological disorders, apraxia of speech and other speech problems need a full length mirror to learn how to talk well. Speech therapists use them all the time and recommend parents do the same. Hang one in your children’s bedroom and use it to conduct speech exercises at home, if you have children who struggle with speech. Adults facing speech challenges can also benefit from the use of full length mirror to practice speaking. If that’s your struggle, put one in your room as well.

Perhaps you don’t have a speech problem, but must often deliver speeches or teach. A full length mirror is perfect for practicing your speech or lecture ahead of time. You can see your hand gestures, the way you stand and notice other body movements. You can’t do that with a bathroom vanity mirror.

Keep these design and functional elements in mind as you make your decisions on mirrors. A full length mirror is a worthwhile investment.

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