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This living room may be windowless, but ample lighting and sleek decor make it airy and enjoyable all the same.

10 Creative Ways to Light Up Dark Rooms

Living in a space where sunshine bathes the walls every day is ideal but not likely. Most homes and apartments have at least one room that receives minimal natural light or, in some cases, none at all. !–more–>But before you slam the door and declare the space a walk-in closet, try out a few of […] read more

Hanging Art Up

Coloring Your Walls Without Paint

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One of the biggest challenges of apartment living is trying to decorate your space without breaking any of the rules outlined in your lease agreement. You might already be perusing your favorite DIY sites for inspiration, but there’s a chance that your landlord will be less than thrilled by your sudden urge to redo your […] read more

Apartment Decorating: How to Spruce up White Walls

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Apartment decorating is a fun way to show off your personal tastes. Sometimes, however, your landlord will prohibit you from painting the walls, meaning that despite a great adécor you are stuck with plain, white walls. Do not despair, though. Even with white walls you can still make your apartment reflect your personal tastes. Artwork […] read more