How to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

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Every good apartment decor needs a good full-length mirror to tie it all together.

We all know the old trick of using mirrors to make a small apartment feel more spacious, but did you know that where you place those mirrors can actually have a positive or negative impact on the energy in your home? Feng shui is the ancient art of how we are affected by our environments, and its tenets teach us that mirrors actually have many different purposes.

Above all else, these are the very best ways to use mirrors to maximize the positive chi (or qi) energy in your apartment:

What Does Your Mirror Reflect?

Mirrors are said to multiply or amplify whatever they reflect, so make sure that whatever’s being reflected by your mirrors is something you want to have more of. A picturesque view, for example, is a great thing to have in the mirror, which is why hanging a mirror opposite a window can often be a good idea. Even if you can’t make sure your mirrors reflect beautiful objects, you can at least avoid having them reflect clutter and mess.

Use Dining Room Mirrors to Create Space

Hanging a mirror opposite your dining table can, in feng shui terms, multiply the amount of food you appear have, thus creating a sense of abundance and prosperity. Just make sure that this mirror doesn’t visually cut the head off anyone eating, as these kind of awkward alignments tend to create negative energy.

Don’t Have Mirrors Facing Each Other

Yes, having mirrors facing mirrors can make a space look huge, but it can also give it the feel of a fairground mirror maze. This chaos of seemingly infinite mirrors is said to make the energy of your home bounce back and forth between them all, meaning that all the positive vibes never even have a chance to get to the rest of your home.

Use Hall Mirrors to Create Light

A large mirror placed along a long, darkened hallway can help to pull positive chi all the way down it, which it turn can help circulate it throughout the entire apartment. Just be sure to hang these mirrors along the length of the hallway rather than at the ends, so they can help draw energy through it rather than slowing it down and bouncing it back.

Stay Away from the Front Door

If you have a mirror that reflects the front door to your apartment, you could be making all that positive energy bounce straight back out of your home. If you need to have a mirror near your front door, hang one perpendicular to it instead.

Ditch the Big Bathroom Mirror

Two simple bathroom mirrors over a bathroom countertop.

Mirrors should never face the toilet. Actually, mirrors should be avoided in bathrooms as much as possible for proper feng shui. This is because the nature of what happens in them is commonly thought to create negative Chi. Seriously: nobody wants to see themselves on the toilet.

Avoid Fractured Mirrors

Although these may be funky and modern, feng shui experts believe that they cause people to eventually begin to feel as broken up as they look. The same goes for mirrored tiles, and anything else that breaks up a person’s reflection. Basically, by looking at yourself in these mirrors, you may see a fractured and confused version of yourself, and therefore eventually begin to perceive yourself as such. Negative energy can also be amplified by damaged mirrors, or fuzzy, cloudy ones, so take the time to make sure the mirrors in your home are all looking clean, bright, and simple.

Find a Good Home for All Your Mirrors

Mirrors that cut off people’s heads or parts of their body are not good for feng shui. A suitably-hung mirror will be able to show at least the entire head and shoulders of each member of the family living in the home, including children. Additionally, every home should contain at least one full-length mirror.

Don’t Have Mirrors Above the Bed

From a practical standpoint, hanging things over your head might not be the best idea. From a feng shui point of view, they can cause negative energy to be reflected directly onto you, which can disturb you while you’re trying to sleep. There are even some who believe that a mirror reflecting the bed is harmful to marriage and family harmony. They believe that it can be seen as an invitation to a third party, and therefore a possible signal of infidelity. If you must have mirrors in the bedroom, it’s recommended that they either be in the closet, attached to the back of an open closet door, or easily able to be covered.

Mirrors can benefit an apartment in many ways. They can add light and space to an otherwise dark or small unit, and they can help create happy vibes all throughout your home.

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