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Legal Concerns of Early Apartment Lease Termination

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Apartment lease termination that occurs prior to the end of the lease term can have several legal consequences. Tenants that terminate leases early can face extensive financial costs, negative reporting on credit reports and possibly even legal action. Described below are some of the legal concerns and possible consequences to consider before termination a lease […] read more

Apartment Repairs: Who Is Responsible?

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Apartment repairs are often the reason why tenants move out, or get evicted. A related problem is when the landlord uses repairs as an excuse to gain entry into the apartment, more than what’s necessary or reasonable. The cost of repairs, the extent of them, and the ability to gain entry to make repairs are […] read more

What to Do if Your Landlord Violates the Lease Agreement

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It’s an awful to position to be in when your landlord violates the lease agreement.  The major concern is that you’ll upset your landlord, who might retaliate and kick you out of your apartment. If you’ve been living there for a long time and are paying a lower rent compared to most apartment rentals in […] read more

The Legal Repercussions of Breaking Your Lease Agreement

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Breaking your lease agreement is not a matter that you should take lightly. You face legal repercussions that will cost you time and money, and will affect your ability to lease other apartments. You should do what you can to resolve matters with your landlord, or obtain a release to terminate your lease early. Cure […] read more

What Are My Options When My Lease Expires?

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When your lease expires next month, what options do you have as a tenant? Knowing your rights when your lease expires is important. To Stay or Not to Stay When a lease expires, the tenant is free to pack up and leave with no punishment. However, if the tenant is happy with the apartment and […] read more

I Can’t Find a Lease Guarantor – What Now?

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Not being able to find a lease guarantor is a big problem for some tenants who want to stay in high-rent areas but don’t have the required income. Strict income requirements are a reality, particularly in the pricier areas of big cities. Unemployed or underemployed tenants often feel the squeeze of a rental agreement that […] read more

What Happens to a Lease Guarantor if the Tenant Does Not Pay Rent

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Anyone who has been asked to be a lease guarantor, or who is involved in a rental agreement including this third-party role, will want to know about what actually happens in this kind of lease agreement situation. The lease guarantor in a rental agreement is someone who vouches for the tenant. By signing onto the […] read more

The Benefits of Renting a Privately-Owned Home

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Renting a privately owned home carries many benefits that are superior to renting apartments and other multi-family units. If you have the choice between renting a home and renting an apartment, and the rent payment the homeowner wants is affordable, then you should rent the privately owned home. Here are just a few reasons why: […] read more

How Much Should You Expect to Pay before You Sign the Lease?

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As you budget for expenses associated with renting an apartment, be sure to include costs that you have to pay before you sign the lease. These can add up, and you don’t want to begin renting an apartment in the red. Some fees may not apply based on where you’re renting and whether you have […] read more