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Guarantors Explained

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A guarantor is anyone who agrees to be responsible for the payment of someone else’s debt (if that person defaults on the payment). Guarantors are required in a number of financial situations. For example, they can guarantee rental payments or be responsible for paying for damage you cause as a tenant. When a guarantor enters […] read more

The Basics of Entering Into an Apartment Rental Agreement

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An apartment rental agreement is a written or oral short-term tenancy agreement between you, as a renter, and a landlord. It is automatically renewed at the end of the period (usually 30-days), unless you or your landlord terminate it by written notice. This agreement creates a legal relationship (a contract) between the two of you. […] read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Rental Contract

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So you’ve found that perfect apartment, and now the last step is to sign the rental contract. Before signing the rental contract, there are 5 questions that you must ask the landlord. Make sure that you are comfortable with the landlord’s responses before signing. 1 – What Are the Terms of the Security Deposit? The […] read more

Choosing Between a Fixed-Term or Month-to-Month Lease

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When renting an apartment, you may be given the option of a fixed-term or month to month lease. One is not better than the other. Which to choose simply depends on your situation and housing needs. Learn the difference between the two if you’re trying to decide which is right for you before beginning your […] read more

What Is A Lease Agreement?

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A lease agreement, also known as a rental agreement, is a legal document that is written to specify the agreed terms and responsibilities the landlord or owner and you, as the tenant, have for the specified property. Why a Lease Agreement is Necessary A lease agreement is a very necessary part of rental transactions because […] read more

Review a Sample Lease Agreement

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To anybody who is unfamiliar with the typical legal jargon that accompanies a sample lease agreement, attempting to read through one of these lengthy documents before signing on the many dotted lines can be a bit overwhelming. So much so that many people simply gloss over these documents, put down their John Hancock, and file […] read more

A Guide to Lease Agreement Forms

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Lease agreement forms spell out what is expected from each party when you rent a house or an apartment from a person or a business. Pay Close Attention to Payment Terms Lease agreement forms will specify exact points within the agreement such as: The amount of rent expected When the rent is due Where to […] read more

Pets Not Accepted: Should You Sneak Your Cat or Dog In Anyway?

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Many landlords put strict limitations on the types of animals who can live in their apartments: some have a flat 'no pets' policy, while others are okay with animals who live in aquariums, or who are within certain weight limitations (e.g., dogs under 50 pounds). read more

Top 5 Steps if Your Rental is Foreclosed

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Look in any newspaper these days and you'll see a whole list of foreclosures. Not all of those foreclosures are just affecting homeowners, though. Some of those houses were rentals, making life suddenly harder for tenants. If your landlord is losing your apartment, condo or house in a foreclosure, you still have some options. read more