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A happy family enjoying a walk through their neighborhood with their dog.

What Makes a Walkable Neighborhood?

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Design trends come and go in residential life, but what people really want out of their neighborhoods — friendly neighbors, safe streets, and attractive housing — is unlikely to change any time soon. Another thing that’s unlikely to change is the public concern with walkable urbanism. read more

Black and white living space, with a bicycle hanging from the wall behind the couch.

Smart Ways to Store Your Bike

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Bicycle ownership is only going up in the U.S., with an increasing number of urbanites choosing to commute to work via bike or simply pick up cycling as a fun hobby. Even if you’re not a Tour de France hopeful, read more

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Best Bike Cities for Renters

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Do you own a bike? More important, do you ride? Then you already know the many facets of bike riding without which you’d be plenty bereft: you get around quickly, cheaply, lightly; you can opt for a scenic route without worrying about running out of gas, or of car-friendly roads; you can pull your dog […] read more


Storage in Your Laundry Space

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Lots of homes have some additional storage areas in a laundry space along with the washer and dryer. These closets, cabinets, shelves and other storage features can help families organize all of the stuff that they keep in their home. Some storage tips will help households figure out how to best use a laundry space. […] read more