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Young man rocks out as he dusts his apartment.

The Complete Apartment Dweller’s Dusting Guide

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It’s a chore most dread: you go from room to room armed with a feather duster, sneezing every ten seconds and straining to reach surfaces that are frustratingly just out of reach. read more

Hand cleaning dirty bathroom fan vent cover with blue sponge

7 Things You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Apartment

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You may run your vacuum religiously and shine your windows every single weekend, but are there still things that you’re forgetting to clean in your apartment? read more

4 Reasons to Steam Clean Your Carpet

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There are many reasons to steam clean your carpet, rather than renting a carpet shampooer. With steam cleaning, you’ll get far better results and you won’t negatively impact your health in the process. Here are 4 reasons to steam clean: 1. Get Rid of Dust Mites If you’re always coughing when you sit on or […] read more

Do Dust Mites Endanger Your Health?

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The thought of dust mites in your bed, pillows, carpet and other furniture is unsettling to say the least. House dust mites are tiny creatures that look like a cross between a spider and a lobster, and they crawl around beds, eating dead cells. You may not realize that you have a problem at first […] read more

How to Keep Dust Mites Away from Your Bedroom

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Do you want dust mites crawling around your bedroom? Dust mites are very small arachnids that can live amongst you in your bedroom. They eat human skin that sheds. Our skin is constantly shedding, which gives the dust mites a constant source of food. Although it may be difficult to remove them from your bedroom completely, it is possible […] read more

Apartment Cleaning: Keeping it Dust-Free

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Although apartment cleaning can be a challenge, keeping an apartment dust-free can be easier than you think.  Dust comes from a variety of places like skin cells, human and animal hair, and environmental pollutants. With dust invading your home everyday, it’s important to develop regular cleaning habits. Frequent dusting will keep the air clean and […] read more

Yuck! Dust Mites in Your Apartment

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Doing research for this week's article, I notice that I am probably living with more roommates than I knew was imaginable. Even worse, I am sleeping with most of them. So, as I highlight the nasty story and prevention methods, I am comforted by the sound of the washing machine and the thought of the book I will be reading tonight while I am unable to sleep in my own bed. read more