How to Keep Dust Mites Away from Your Bedroom

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Do you want dust mites crawling around your bedroom? Dust mites are very small arachnids that can live amongst you in your bedroom. They eat human skin that sheds. Our skin is constantly shedding, which gives the dust mites a constant source of food. Although it may be difficult to remove them from your bedroom completely, it is possible to try to reduce the number that are present. Dust mites can impact your health. This impact is especially serious for those with dust mite allergies. Dust mites can be reduced by getting pillow and bed covers, by having surfaces that are easily cleaned, and by choosing your flooring choice wisely.

Pillow and Bed Covers

At most any department stores you can find covers for both the bed and the pillow. These covers come in a variety of sizes to fit every size pillow and mattress. These covers typically have a zipper that seal the cover. This cover prevents dust mites from actually entering the pillow or mattress. Based on the manufacturers recommendations, the covers need to be washed to remove any dust mites. Without the cover, dust mites can enter and live in your pillow case and mattress.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

Another way to reduce the number of dust mites is by keeping all surfaces free of objects. By having smooth surfaces, it reduces the surface area for the dust mites to live on by. A shelf with nothing on it will have less area than a shelf with picture frames or collector plates. A shelf free of items will also be much easier to clean. The more often a surface is cleaned the less dust mites will be present.

Choosing the Best Flooring

Dust mites have numerous hiding spots. The flooring type can make a difference in the amount of dust mites that can settle. A carpeted floor allows dust mites to settle within the carpet. Although vacuuming is an important way of reducing dust mites, it may not be possible to remove the dust mites completely. Vacuums are not always able to get to the dust mites especially when they are deeper in the carpet. By choosing a flooring type that does not allow the dust mites to bury into the surface the amount of dust mites that are present will decrease. Flooring types such as wood or linoleum do not allow the dust mites to hide. With these flooring types, it is easy to damp mop the floor, which allows the dust mites to be removed.

Reducing dust mites is an important part of staying healthy. By getting pillows covers and bed covers dust mites are not able to invade your bedding. The way you decorate your bedroom can impact the presence of dust mites. Whenever possible, try to reduce the number of items on a flat surface to make it easier to clean. Dust mites have many places to hide but by eliminating carpeting in your bedroom you are eliminating one significant place. By making your bedroom as dust mite free as possible you will be taking a step to improving your health.

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