Apartment Cleaning: Keeping it Dust-Free

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Although apartment cleaning can be a challenge, keeping an apartment dust-free can be easier than you think.  Dust comes from a variety of places like skin cells, human and animal hair, and environmental pollutants. With dust invading your home everyday, it’s important to develop regular cleaning habits. Frequent dusting will keep the air clean and will also help reduce allergies and illnesses. Here are a few simple apartment cleaning tips to keep your apartment dust-free.

Check for Dust Accumulations

Dust develops quickly and can accumulate all over your apartment. One of the most dust prone, and easily noticeable, areas is everyday furniture such as desks, tables and electronics.  Check unsuspecting places like corners, under the bed and furniture because they are also dust magnets and can house those infamous dust bunnies.  Another dust zone is underneath a rug, which should be cleaned once a month, where dust accumulates under the corners and edges.  If you’re not thorough with your cleaning, it will travel to another area.

Ultimately, no area should be overlooked because dust is everywhere. However, with the right materials, winning the dusting game should be easy.

Use a Variety of Dusting Tools

Depending on what you’re cleaning, there are several types of cleaning tools.  Swiffer products can be used on the floor, counter tops and hard to reach areas like blinds. A lot of their products also come with extenders and flexible attachments, making it easier to navigate around furniture and appliances.   For everyday dusting, use a handheld vacuum like the Black & Decker Dustbuster that’s battery operated (which makes cleaning quick and easy).  For small dust laden areas, like your computer keyboard and small electronics, try an air duster spray.

Stick to a Schedule

Try to put yourself on a regular cleaning schedule.  Remember, you don’t have to go overboard with dusting, but surface areas like counter-tops, desks and coffee tables should be cleaned every 2-3 days (because they are used frequently). Every month, try to tackle larger areas like behind major appliances, underneath your furniture and rugs. Once you develop a consistent schedule, cleaning will be easier and seem like less of a chore.

Make Your Cleaning Supplies Accessible

Have your dusting supplies easily accessible. Try keeping a microfiber cloth in every room of your apartment. It’s small, easy to conceal and ready for you to grab when you want to do a quick cleaning job.  For those of you that find it really hard to clean, try putting your cleaning supplies out the night before so you’re ready to go the next day.  Several brands have also come out with wipes, ranging from antibacterial to environmentally friendly solutions, making cleaning easier and targeted to your lifestyle. Try putting these wipe containers in every room to save time.

Keeping your apartment dust-free isn’t hard to do if you use the right tools and know a couple of cleaning strategies. As soon as you start a regular cleaning regime, your apartment will look a lot better (and you’ll feel better too).

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