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Man suffers pet allergies after being exposed to his dog's dander.

Debunking Common Pet Allergy Myths

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Allergies are a serious problem for many people, with reactions ranging from flu and cold-like sniffling and sneezing to severe illness and even death. Unfortunately, the word “allergy” has been greatly read more

Looking for a Dog Daycare? 8 Questions to Ask

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When it’s time to board your dog away from home, professional dog daycare services can help. However, not all of these pet boarding companies are equal, and asking some good thorough questions at the outset can get pet owners more for their canines when they have to go their temporary ways. Here are some of […] read more

Six Non-Shedding Dog Breeds to Keep Your Apartment Clean

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Dogs make great pets and companions but can also make quite a mess. One way to limit how much you are cleaning up after your new pet is to get a non-shedding dog. There are many dog breeds to choose from that will not shed nearly as much as the average dog does. This means […] read more